10 Amazon Affiliate Alternatives to Make Money Online

Amazon Affiliate Alternatives

The name ‘Amazon’ has been so popular and widely used by customers that it has been recognized as a brand. All things associated with Amazon is found to be trustworthy.

However, one should not depend only on Amazon for earnings. Other alternatives to amazon’s affiliate have proved to increase the earning potential of members more than one can imagine.

Recently, Amazon also alternated its structure for commission and slashed the rates of a few categories to as low as 3%.

What is Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program, also known as Amazon Associates, is a marketing program meant for website owners, publishers or bloggers who generate links and when the customer uses that link to order from Amazon, the owner or blogger earns referral commissions.

The platform is used for advertising products that are sold by Amazon. This is a highly profitable work for entrepreneurs, business people or even individuals who plan to earn some kind of side income.

As a result of the new commission rates, most bloggers are searching for amazon affiliate alternatives to earn money.

So here are a few amazon affiliate alternatives we recommend.

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10 Best Amazon Affiliate Alternatives to Make Money

  • CJ Affiliate- CJ or Commission Junction is one of the most favourable amazon affiliate alternatives available in terms of similarity with Amazon. With almost all high-quality brands available, the website provides some of the top commission rates available throughout marketing networks.

Also, since the market allows only renowned brands to function within its ambit, the expectation remains for top quality publishers and only a few get approved based on their quality of work.

  • ClickBank- This particular platform can serve as one of the best amazon affiliate alternatives, especially if you are looking forward to promoting or linking with vendors associated with digital learning or software related products such as e-books, online courses, etc.

The platform is user-friendly with the procedure for applying being extremely easy. As compared to Amazon, ClickBank offers a high range of commission rates, therefore making it a highly conducive platform for earning.

  • eBay Partner Network- Another highly popular e-commerce platform, eBay works through the process of auctioning. Its affiliate program is available for all to earn income through passive sources.

With an enormous collection of products to choose from, this is also one of the oldest affiliate programs available. However, the structure for commission varies from that of Amazon.

  • ShareASale- This Chicago based affiliate marketing network is another platform that is gaining momentum these days. This particular market specializes in multi-vendors such that it has both digitals as well as physical products.

A major reason behind members choosing ShareASale as an amazon affiliate program alternative is that it shares an enormous amount of data when you apply to search for quality deals.

  • Walmart- A famous brand itself, many customers trust Walmart due to its affordable yet good quality products. It’s existing online platform makes it easy for members to make beneficial earnings.

Even though the commission is much less than that of Amazon, yet it is a consistent form of earning. The cookie validity is that of three days as opposed to Amazon’s 24 hours.

  • Target- An extremely well-known brand in the USA, Target is one of the few competitions for Amazon and therefore, serves as one of the best alternatives to amazon’s affiliate.

The commission rate is almost similar to Amazon, however, the rates for niches such as home improvement and outdoor products is much more than that of Amazon, including the quality of goods too.

  • Etsy- A famous joint to buy handmade products or vintage jewellery, craftwork, clothes, books, etc., people trust this website for good quality products at affordable prices.

The commission rate offered by the company is pretty standard at the rate of 4%. However, the cookie facility lasts up to 30 days and is a very safe option to earn from.

  • Rakuten- One of the best alternatives to the Amazon affiliate program, this platform is a highly favourable one, especially if you plan to deal with the non-tech market. Rakuten attracts members due to its performance-based commission rates, which means that higher sales give you the chance of earning higher profits.

The platform allows a feature known as rotating ads, which makes sure that you attract customers one way or the other, and also, it has a user-friendly interface, which makes it a huge hit.

  • AliExpress- This affiliate program is a part of China’s giant group of companies called the Alibaba group. With a huge turnover, this particular group has been increasing it’s business day by day.

Offering a considerably high range of commission rates, this affiliate program was introduced in the year 2013 and has been flourishing ever since.

The platform is extremely user-friendly since it is free for all. Also, its cookie facilities last up to 30 days as opposed to only 24 hours as that of Amazon.

  • Best Buy- Even though Best Buy is not a much-recommended platform due to its extremely low commission rates which ranges from 0 to 1%. However, it also serves as one of the amazon affiliate alternatives.

Final Words

There might be several reasons why you may not be able to or prefer accessing Amazon’s affiliate program. This article provides you with honest insight into the best amazon affiliate alternatives you can utilize to earn money.

Along with these, there are other programs also such as Jet Affiliate, Overstock Affiliate, etc. which can also be used as Amazon affiliate alternatives. You can easily choose a program according to your convenience and start earning happily.

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