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Auto blogging is turning out to be one of the famous trends to earn revenue via blogging. How to Make Money from Auto Blogging? This is one question you will hear often.

Genuine, bloggers earn by writing articles on a related niche and posting them on their own blog. But practically it’s quite hard to create new articles and post them regularly on blogs.

One or two blogs bring almost no earning when comes to earning from Google AdSense or via affiliate marketing.

However, a blogger can hire blog editors/writers for this job but according to the studies, these aren’t effective ways for earning via hired editors. Read on to know more about the concept.

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What is auto blogging?

An auto blog is actually a blog, but its contents are compiled and gathered from RSS feeds automatically. Most of the work is done by Auto blogging software.

The work of blog owner is limited to determining the schedules, selecting the feeds, and a few options.

The auto blog helps in generating revenue from search engine ads. One or two auto blogs aren’t very lucrative, however, as auto blog owners generally create a wide range of blogs on different niche topics.

But it’s not all bad with Auto blogging software as it provides an option of including a backlink to the original article. This concept involves copying the excerpts of original content, with a link back and attribution as well.

Note that copying contents are illegal, but it is considered to be of fair use if the content has entered the public domain.

With auto blogging software, bloggers get the option of editing the content that helps them avoid penalization engines and get around copyright issues for duplicate content.

A translation tool featured in the software can be used for translating foreign content.

However, this feature is mostly used for content spinning, a practice that includes altering contents. Auto blogging requires minimal efforts to making money and it is, for this reason, it is regarded as a method to generate passive income. 

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How to Make Money from Auto Blogging

Blogs are one of the greatest tools to spread a word about particular service/product.

With the ever-increasing importance of blogging, it is crucial learn how to make auto blog BlogSpot in order to get the best out of auto blogging.

However, the procedure is simple, but it turns out to be profitable only if done the right way. Follow the steps listed below to use auto blogging to your advantage-

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Step by step guide to do auto blogging and make money out of it

  1. Pick a niche

Choosing niches is one of the crucial steps to making money online through auto blogging. A wrong choice and all your efforts will fall in vain.

You should be passionate about the niche you choose or at least have a fair amount of understanding and knowledge of it. Writing on topics known to you will your job easier.


  1. Buy a domain

Be considerate when choosing your blog’s domain name. Pick a domain that has the main keywords related to your blog’s niche. And it’s a myth that Domain names are pricy.

You can easily get a domain registered for $15 a year. If your budget is far too low, you can consider spending $0.99 for .info domains. You can’t expect them to rank higher on search engines in comparison to .net and .com domains.


  1. Choose your blogging platform

You can pick any blogging platform of your choice, it doesn’t make much difference.

Mostly, aspiring/existing bloggers prefer WordPress, because of it’s easy to use tools. In addition, users get a number of free plug-ins that make the job much easier.

Moreover, you’ll get wide selections of professional WordPress themes both free and paid. Before you get started to make sure you know how to create an auto blog on WordPress.


  1. Choose your affiliate product

Selling affiliate products on auto blogs is the main source of making money on the platform. So, it is important to choose the right affiliate product and promote it wisely.

Look for the best pick related to your blog’s niche. Use Clickbank to find top selling affiliate products for your auto blog.


  1. Plug-in Installation

Plug-in is important for the auto bloggers. You can go to WP-O-Matic. It allows the users to turn RSS feeds into contents automatically.

Although you can find countless options for plug-ins this one tops the list WP-O-Matic due to its unique features. It allows the users to turn their keywords into their preferred links.


  1. Install Plug-in for cloaking

You can use GoCodes Plug-in for cloaking your affiliate links. Your affiliate links will not look like affiliate links on cloaking them.

In addition, it helps, boosts the affiliate sales, since a number of people back upon clicking a link, if they know at the first place that it’s an affiliate link.


  1. Load GoCodes plug-in with affiliate URLs

Get keyword-based RSS feeds related to your niche for WP-O-Matic. You simply have to load Gocodes plug-in with your affiliate URLs and keywords. Doing this will turns the keywords into the affiliate products links.


  1. Build backlinks

Backlinks building should be a no miss as it is highly important for creating a successful blog. In normal situations, it takes a lot of time and effort.

The point of auto blogging is spending less time on working, so using simple methods for building quick backlinks is a better idea to spread the word. Ping your posts using a free pinging service.

Google to get RSS feeds and submit your blog to the maximum number of feeds. Backlinks are not only important to achieve high search engine ranking, but are also one of the freeways to bring a huge number of potential audience to your blog.


You are almost done!

Your auto blog is ready now. Get started to earn revenue. Remember, Auto blogging for a blogger is one of the best ways to make money online.

So if you want, you can move on to making another auto blog. The best part is that you can repeat this process any number of times.

Your blog will start gaining higher ranking on the search engines, as it will start building keyword-targeted backlinks and direct a huge number of potential buyers.

With the increase in a number of backlinks with time, it will gain huge success and attract more and more traffic, which means higher affiliate sales.

Note that you can use the niche of your existing blog or use different niches when building more auto blogs. Another important thing to be noted is that you won’t start making money right away.

With auto blogging, it takes a few months to grab good amount sales. It may take even years if you pick a highly competitive niche. However, you’ll see some earnings initially but will increase gradually with time.


How much time does the whole process take to completion?

Setting up an auto blog is a matter of few hours (for the first timers). As you progress and start building more number of blogs it will take roughly 30 minutes.

Manage your time efficiently and plan to build a single auto blog in a day. If you are successful at it, you’ll be left with 30 auto blogs after a month.

Let’s just assume, one blog brings you $2 per day, this will make up $60 a day. That isn’t bad though! Experiment things, try don’t settle for limited affiliate products. Go for different products and try multiple monetization methods.

Go for different niches. There is unlimited stuff when it comes to knowing how to make an auto blog on BlogSpot. So keep going to take your business to next level of success.

Sales of affiliate products will bring you more income on the auto blog, but don’t rely on that completely. There are a number of ways of making money with auto blogging.

So don’t limit yourself to one method. You also have the option of using PPC sites, ad sense, selling advertising space on the blogs. You can also sell the report the performance of your niche on your own blog.

What’s more? You can sell your profit making blog even. In short, there are countless ways to earn through auto blogging. Just be patient and use the methods to your advantage.


How to monetize auto blog and make money from it  

If you are thinking about creating an auto blog then following the above-listed steps is not sufficient. Plan and strategize your process efficiently so that you can make the best out of it.

You have already learned about building an auto blog. Now it’s time to know how to get started with it and make your way to monetization.

Know here the secrets of becoming a leading auto blogger here.


  • Discover your area(s) of interest

Conduct extensive research before you get started. Check out the existing auto blogs and know about their niches. Proper research will help you in figuring out the area matching your interests.

It is important to know where you fit in best to create a best-of-a-kind blog.


  • Determine your strategy

After you choose a niche, the next thing is determining your strategy and focus. Look for compelling topics for your blog. Focus on what particular aspect of the niche you want to highlight on your auto blog.

It is important to cover the subject in the right manner. You can opt for writing informative articles or news contrasting and comparing two subjects related to your niche.

Creating an easy how-to guide for the potential audience is also a good idea. Note that it’s not important for you to be specialized in your niche.

What exactly you need is focus on creating a tempting content that can grab a huge number of eyeballs.


  • You need to be a core professional and speedy blogger

As mentioned earlier few posts won’t do you any good. Hence, to become a successful auto blogger and to get paid on autopilot you need to maintain your working speed.

Presenting a good material within the limited period is one of the common traits of great bloggers. This is also important to ensure posting of fresh contents on regular basis.

In addition, it is crucial to present a very professional material. Can you choose your style, however- humorous or grade style?

The choice of style largely depends on the niche and topic. Once you are in full form and having found your tone (style) as well, you can go to the next step.


  • Find your readership

None of your efforts will pay off if you fail to build a reader base. You can count on a number of different ways to get started. Start with creating a group of trusted people.

It’s a good idea to reach out your friends, family, and colleagues for the same. Better enough if your first audience leaves comments on the blog posts or some constructive criticisms and advice.

Praises are always a boost, so they could be add-on extras. Note that the more knowledgeable and interesting comments, the better chances of drawing traffic.

Alternatively, bring benefits to your auto blogs from the auto forums. It is simple. Start your own discussion on the platform.

It could be about anything related to your niche or content posted on your blog. This is one of the best ways to increase your auto blog’s exposure.

You should also check out some free auto blogging plugin for WordPress to gain more with less investment.


  • Be careful at every step

As an auto blogger, you need to ensure that your readers don’t lose credibility on your blog/content.

However, adopting less intrusive autopilot money making methods isn’t a bad thing, but that should not be done at the cost of trustworthiness of your audience.

You can take ideas from the existing lucrative and influential auto blogs, but don’t act like a copycat. Establish own voice and style and create your unique blogging personality.

Monetization of your site could be slow, but it will be steady and worth it in the long run.


Kicking your auto blog into high gear will never seem tough if you follow all the instructions and go by the information mentioned in this article.


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