Make Money by Buying and Selling Websites

buying and selling websites

With the entry of the Internet in the world, the functioning of businesses has been altered dramatically. Earlier it wasn’t possible for people to touch international boundaries with their business propositions.

With the advancements, people have formulated their business websites and this, in turn, has increased the global outreach of their businesses, helping them hike up their profits.

Importance of Websites

The major thing about building a website for your business is that they help you get the target consumers and increase the value of the company.

According to numerous studies, it was found out that 90% of people are dependent on Internet sales. It is your time to taste the internet pie and turn your small business into a big thing in the market.

As a developer, you can make money by building the website for others or you can make money by learning how to sell websites online. Here, I have mentioned some of the advantages of having a website for your business.

  • Global Outreach: With the development of a website for your business you will be able to step into a wider market and test your capabilities. You might be working in a local market and without a website killing all the opportunities of reaching out to target consumers.
  • Easy Access: The best part is that people can take a look at your products and services from anywhere and at any time. While mapping out a website for your business, you can plan on injecting a contact form. This way, even if you are out holidaying, you will be updated about your targeted consumers via emails.
  • Information: By way of the internet, it has become really easy for people to generate information regarding your business products and services, location, price etc. Basically, all the information regarding your bread and butter is out there in public.
  • Advertisement: Online advertising is on a rise and as a businessman; there is no need to shed a lot of money for advertisements. All you can do is build a website, add in some SEO’s and links and you are good to go.

So, we have had a look at all the advantages related to website building for your business. There is paraphernalia revolving around a new term “website flipping” in the market.

In a lay man’s language, the terms translate into buy and sell websites to make money. Here we have a complete website flipping guide for you.

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What is Website Flipping?

The concept of buying and selling websites for profit is similar to the concept of real estate. For instance, an apartment is on sale, which is not available in good condition but the sale price is really low. So, you end up buying the apartment, renovating and sprucing it up a little bit and selling it off at a higher price.

This will help you earn a lot of money that will cover your renovation cost; your amount spent on the property and will also generate some extra cash flow for you.

Similarly, in the world of buying and selling websites for profit, an investor or a group of investor buys a website. They add in some alluring specifications and spice up the website a little bit. Then they sell it off for a higher price.

All in all, buying and selling websites is flipping websites for profit. The only difference is that the process of flipping leans on to the world of the Internet. In a nutshell, they make money by building a website for others.

There are various platforms like Flippa, Fiverr, etc where you can flip website for profit.

How Website Flipping or Buying and Selling Websites Work?

Buying and Selling Websites or Website flipping further branches out under three different categories:

  • For the Beginners: Here, people end up building a website right from the start. They bring in some heavy traffic on the website and then they sell it off. This way they have the utmost control on the website, looking after the target investors, interest, direction etc.
  • Medium Term Investment: Here, a website is bought and then sold off quickly with some innovations, meaning buying and selling websites for profit. The unique selling point here is identifying the websites with potential. They are involved in buying and flipping websites for profit.
  • Long-Term Investment: Most of the investors buy off a website and increase the traffic on it. They hold onto the website for long, so that they can get in some extra cash in hand. Once they identify that the website has reached the saturation point in the market, they sell it off. They generally contact website brokers for an amazing website.

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Tips on Buying a Potential Website

Buying a website is the most important step. A lot of investors put in a lot of thought when they are buying a website. The reason behind this is that they try to identify the potential of the website, the enhancements that can be cleared off on the website and what will be the return from the website.

Now, we will acquaint you with the tips on how to acquire good websites and earn loads of money in the process.

  • Target Traffic: Your motive should be to buy a website that has got a lot of target traffic or has got that potential. In case the traffic is not much, you can get in some traffic by way of advertising, SEO or links, but the website should have the capability. Often people end up buying high traffic websites, with low bandwidth but not the potential traffic. You should take a look at the quality of traffic so that you have a good website at your fingertips and end up buying and selling websites for profit.
  • Quick sell-off: The theory behind this is that you should try to buy those websites that are already established or have the potential to make it big. Thus, you can carry on some enhancements to the website and then sell it off quickly. For example, you buy off an e-commerce website. That to the e-commerce website that is already established in the market but the owners of the website is not good at the application of various traffic generation pointers. So, you will be able to flip it quickly and sell it off.
  • Community website: You can buy community driven websites that are targeted to a particular audience. This way you will have a quality audience in abundance and it can be a source of great revenue generation. In order to have a look at good websites, you an even contact a website broker and get through some good websites.


In a nutshell, buying and selling websites for profit has become way too fun with the advancements. All you need to look for is a good website with the capability to rush through the other competing websites. You need to be well versed with the online trends and the little intricacies of the flipping market.

Along with that, you should have a flair for the business of how to sell websites online. Go ahead and fill up your pockets with some extra money by taking the tips from website flipping guide.

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