DonkeyMails: Get Paid to Read Emails

donkeymails : get paid to read emails

All of us receive tons of promotional emails on a daily basis from various brands with some not so useful schemes and offer which is a quite annoying thing and at the same time spam our mailbox to death. And most of us delete this kind of emails even without opening it. Right?

But Wait. What if someone pays you to read this kind of promotional emails? 😛

Yup, that’s true. You can also make some money by reading this kind of promotional emails. There are several sites which pay us to read this kind of promotional emails, but the most trusted and legitimate website for this work is Donkeymails.

You get paid for each and every email you receive from DonkeyMails team, and for each email you read, will give you somewhere between 0.01 up to 50 cents per email.

The best thing about this site is they don’t spam your primary mailbox (Yahoo, Hotmail etc) with this promotional emails. You”ll receive this emails separately in your DonkeyMail’s account inbox and this emails will be deleted automatically after 7 days.

Now let’s dig in further and review DonkeyMails to find out what this site is all about, how it works & most importantly whether this site is genuine or not.


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What Is DonkeyMails & How it Works?

Launched on 3rd February 2005, Donkeymails is an advertising platform where members can earn money online by reading promotional emails, clicking ads, completing offers and by doing other tasks. Each offer you complete will pay you from 0.01 up to 250$ for the single task.


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How to Get Started with Donkeymails & Get Paid to Read Emails?


donkeymails - paid to read emails


Once you sign up with the site, Click on ” Your Inbox .” There you” ll see list of emails you received


donkeymails login


Starts reading all the emails one by one. Make sure you click the link with “Paid Ads” written on it to validate your work.


DonkeyMails Payment Proof

Now let’s come to the most important part of the post. Yes, now it’s time to know whether DonkeyMails is legit or not? Do they really pays to its members or not.

So the answer to this question is. Yes, DonkeyMails is a legit and paying website. You can request your cashout via PerfectMoney, Paypal, Payza, and Solidtrustpay as soon as you reach 1$ in your account balance.

DonkeyMails make Payment twice in a month, so you need to wait for at least 14days to get paid.

I have personally tested this website before writing this post, and I m adding my payment proof below for you guys to see.


DonkeyMails Payment Proof 1


[sociallocker]donkeymails payment proof 1[/sociallocker]


DonkeyMails Payment Proof 2

[sociallocker]donkeymails payment proof[/sociallocker]


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As you can see, i have got paid twice by DonkeyMails. These may not be one of the best methods to make money online, but you can utilize this spam emails to make same money out of it.

So that’s all in this post about how to get paid by reading emails. And how I made money with DonkeyMails.

If you are someone who is not very familiar with the technical stuff and don’t know how to make money online from blogging or with affiliate marketing, then you must give this site a try and make some money by just reading sponsored emails and completing some easy task.

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