How to Become Paytm Service Agent & Earn Upto 30,000

earn money from paytm

Many of us had to stay home after the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us lost jobs and couldn’t raise money to sustain our needs.

However, COVID-19 was like a gate to remote working where internet surfers made their valuable time by seeking alternative ways to make money from home.

Trust us when we say there nearly 35% of the Indian population relies on online working.

Unlike many other work-from-home employees, Paytm is giving everyone an opportunity to make some money without struggling much.

Read on as we tell you how to earn money from Paytm and all the FAQs about Paytm Service Agent.

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What is Paytm Service Agent

Paytm is one of India’s best and most prominent platforms that deal with bill payments, online recharge, ticket booking, UPI, money transfer, among other financial and online services.

To enhance the quality of services and reach out to many customers, Paytm initiated Paytm Service Agent Program.

The program also allows persons 18 years plus to make a decent income from their homes’ comfort.

As a result, anyone within the age bracket can earn money by Paytm as free time, part-time or full-time work.

When you have qualified to become a Paytm Service Agent, you can earn money from Paytm in several ways to cover in the subtopics below.

How to Become a Paytm Service Agent

Becoming a Paytm service agent begins with registration, but before we get into that, there are things you need to know.

You must meet the eligibility criterion and provide essential details, and only then, your request to join Paytm service angst can be approved.

Furthermore, it takes up to 10 days for the verification process, so; you’ll need to be patient if you aspire to earn money from Paytm.

Paytm Service Agents Eligibility Criteria

Before initiating the registration process, you need to be sure that you meet the Paytm company’s criteria.

However, if you do not meet any of the listed qualifications, you should reconsider other options.

  • Applicants must have 18 years and above
  • Present Aadhar card
  • Android smartphone with reliable network connection
  • Good communication & networking skills
  • Include certificate for highest educational qualification
  • Registration fee of Rs.1000 as a security deposit

Registration Process

If you are interested to become a Paytm service agent, then the following step will guide you through the registration process.

However, existing Paytm users stand a better chance of joining the Paytm service agent program through their Smartphone App.

New users will need to create their account, upload the highest education qualification, selfie, and Aadhar card.

  • Download Paytm App from Playstore / Apple Store & Complete your KYC.
  • Click on the Paytm Service Agent Signup link ( This link will redirect you to Paytm App)
  • On the next window, accurately enter your basic details.
  • Next, select webinar timing (this is where you’ll get tutorials about Paytm service agent)
  • Upload front and back of your Aadhar card, live selfie, and highest educational qualification certificate
  • The next step involves answering five assessment questions, each with 10 marks, and you should get at least 3 questions.
  • Again, you’ll pick the least number from 102, 302, 320, 120
  • Lastly, pay Rs. 1000 for merchandise kit, which will arrive at your indicated address after 7 working days.

When you get all the steps right, you’ll receive a link in your mobile number. The link helps you to download Golden Gate App V4.05 or Paytm service Agent App which is not available in the play store.

When you have the app installed on your smartphone, you’ll be an authorized Paytm service agent.

Paytm Service Agent Commission Structure

When you look at the Paytm service agent commission structure, you’ll realize that there are four distinct ways through which one can earn money from Paytm.

The commission may differ, but the result is that you’ll make good money out of it if you’re consistent and determined.

Below are the ways you can earn on Paytm

  • Consumer services commission
  • Merchant onboarding commission
  • Fastag commission
  • Paytm DIY – Do It Yourself

 Consumer Services Commission

When you are a Paytm Service agent, you can earn commissions through consumer services commission.

Through postpaid and prepaid mobile recharge, the agent earns 0.20% commission, and you’ll receive payments immediately after transactions.

Secondly, an agent can charge a nominal amount for Bill payments (gas, water, and electricity), but they get to earn and keep.

Thirdly, ticket booking is another way of ensuring through consumer services commission, and the distribution is as the following.

  • Bus (5%)
  • Air (2%)
  • Hotel (10%)
  • Movie & Event ticket booking (2%)
  • New UPI User earns Paytm Rs.10 monthly for two months per every registered user.

Merchant onboarding commission

When you attach the Paytm All-In-One QR Code to shops/stores near you, you earn Rs.150, and if the owner of the shop obtains payments through the QR-Code, you’ll get an additional Rs.150.

Therefore, you can earn money with Paytm through Merchant on-boarding commission up to Rs. 300

FASTag Commission Structure

When Paytm service agents put Fastag on vehicles, they will receive their payment. Also, when the car owner pays through Fastag, the agent gets another payment.

So, if you are active, you can earn even more than you can imagine.

Paytm Service Agent Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Who can Apply

Anyone with 18+ years and seeking to earn additional income can apply to become a Paytm service agent. However, it’s a must that the person owns an Android smartphone, but those with prior sales experience and likes traveling have an added advantage.

Q2: Documents Required

For you to earn money in Paytm, you’ll need to register, but you must produce copies of the highest educational qualification and Aadhaar Card, and they must be authentic.

Q3. What is the Commission Structure for Paytm Service Agents?

There are four ways to earn from Paytm; for consumer services, Paytm service agents earn as following.

  • Recharge (0.2%)
  • Travel & Hotel Booking (10%).
  • Utility Bills (up to Rs.300)

Paytm service agent commission structure is listed on the Paytm website.

What role do the Paytm agents play?

when you enroll to become a Paytm agent, you’ll perform the following task

  • Sell products (such as Card machine and soundbox)
  • Provide services such as recharge
  • Connect Shopkeepers through Paytm QR Code


If you were interested in becoming a Paytm service agent, we are convinced that you are now informed. However, it’s essential to join Paytm Service Agent Webinar so you can learn how to earn money with Paytm without struggling much successfully.

Also, Consumer Services and Fastag are the most effective ways of earning through Paytm. Lastly, you should include accurate information during registration to avoid inconveniences when retrieving your commissions and earnings.

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