How to Earn Upto 50$ a Week from Mini Jobs.


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I am back with yet another opportunity for you guys to make money online and in this post, I will be showing you how you can earn 30-40 or even upto 50$ a week with Mini Jobs by just working a couple of hours daily. And the website I am going to review today for you guys is called Microworkers.

So, without wasting any time lets start the proceeding and the topics I am going to cover in this post are following:


What is Microworkers?


Microworkers is an International online outsourcing platform that connects Employers and Workers from around the world. Employees post their task here to get it done by the freelancers from all around the world.

All the tasks posted by the Employees here on this site hardly takes 5minutes to finish which includes signing up for any websites, commenting on any blog/website, Giving like to any product or brand’s official Facebook page and so on. And that is why they call it “MiniJobs.”

In return, workers will get paid for those tasks between 0.10$ upto 5$ (depends on the type of work he or she will complete).


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How to Earn Money from Microworkers


To start earning from microworkers, follow the steps given below.


  1. Visit and click on “Register For Free”




2. Fill out the form with your real and correct information and click on Submit. Make sure you fill all the real details in registration form because microworker will send you a pin (just like google adsense) on your mailing address to verify your identity. After Registration, Confirm your account by visiting link you receive in your email id.


Microworkers Registration


3. Now log into your account with the email id & password you provided during signup and click on Jobs. There you will see long list of posted jobs. Select the best task you are capable of doing. In this case i am selecting a task were i have to visit a website in Bing Search Engine and for it i”ll be getting 0.07$ .



online job work


4. Now read the steps very carefully required for the task. If you feel that you fit into the bill of this task after reading the steps and capable of completing it then click on “I accept this form” or else click on “Not Interested in this job”




5. Once you complete the task, its time to submit the proof of your work to the employee. Read the proof of work demanded by the employee and submit it under “Enter required proof of finish work” and click “I confirm that i have completed this task


micro worker proof


6. Once you submit your work you will receive a screen which reads “Thank You for finishing the job”


microworker task


Now wait for the Employee to review and approve your work. You can always check status of your submitted work under “Task I Finished” tab. If its Grey it means employee is yet to review it. If its Green mean employee has approved your work and if its Red it means employee has rejected your work because you have not read the rules properly and done it wrong.


It takes upto 7days for some employee to review your work and if they did not review it within this given time frame, Microworkers will automatically mark your work as “Done & Approved” and you will get paid for it.


microworkers task


Microworker Payment Proof


Minimum cashout of microworker is 10$. You can request for cashout as soon as you reach minimum threshold in your account and microworkers will send you payment within 24hrs into your desired payment processor. Microworkers support Paypal and Skrill as their payment processor.


[sociallocker]Microworkers Payment Proof[/sociallocker]


Microworkers Payment Proof 2

[sociallocker]Microworkers Payment Proof 2016[/sociallocker]


Microworkers Payment Proof 3


[sociallocker]microworkers payment proof 2[/sociallocker]


As you can see i have already earned more than 30$ from Microworkers by doing this MiniJobs and got paid every time on-time by this site.

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And will see you in my next post with yet another way to make money online.


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