How To Earn Money By Selling Photos Online

Selling Photos Online

There are a lot of ways to Earn Money Online. I’ve stated many of them already in my articles in the past. It is comparatively easy, unique and doesn’t waste much time. Today in this article I’m going to show you that how can you earn a high sum of income by just selling photos online. It’s not a quick rich scheme but still you can make hard cash.

Photography isn’t an easy business to get into, it need a lot of skill, patience, and hard work and I’m not saying all your clicked images world touch the mark, but even some of them are good enough then you use it to pay your bills.

As I know most of the people these have days an excellent quality camera on their smartphones so it can be a great earning source for you, work a bit hard on your clicks and make them good enough to be worth a few bucks for you.

Below I have shared a list of websites where you can sell your Top shots. I have spent a lot of time on the internet to find out these sites for you guys. They are best at what they do. Each and every website mentioned can pay you additional income based on the quality of your photos. You can also sell your photos on Instagram and earn money from it.

Top 5 Websites to Earn Money By Selling Photos Online:


 how to sell photos on istock - selling photos online

1. iStockPhoto

The very first and the best place to sell your photos is on iStock. It is one most prominent places to sell your photographs at high prices as compared to other websites. All you have to do is sign up and then you need to pass a little quiz offered by them to check your knowledge about photography.

The commission rate which iStock Photos pays starts from 15% per download, and this may increase to 45% depending on the popularity of your photos.


how to sell photos on dreamstime - selling photos online

2. Dreamstime

Dreamstime offers a different price scale, and it provides rates based on the downloads of photos. It also offers bonuses based on some criteria. To earn money from Dreamstime, you just need to create an account and submit some sample files and wait for approval, if they like your photos, they will be available for sale immediately. There are 5 different levels for earnings, the more the level, the more you earn.

how to sell photos on snapped4u - selling photos online

3. Snapped4U

Snapped is a fantastic website, and it has quite a different method to stock and sells your photos. This site is helpful for both amateur and professional photographer, If you take pictures at parties, functions, events and gigs then Snapped4u is the best and most reliable website for you to sell your photos. If you want to spend your earned money for a good cause, then you can do that very easily on this website.

It removes the burden of postage, printing, and processing of your shoulders, Snapped4u does it on your behalf.

The price scale would be minimum $0.50, and the maximum would be $5.00, a commission of 10% would be taken from Snapped4u if your photo sells for more than $5.00.


How to Sell Photos on Fotolia - seeling photos online

4. Fotolia

As far earnings and quantity of accepting more photos are concerned, Fotolia is the best option than any other website mentioned in the article, The single reason behind this is they put more attention towards earnings from sales of photos. It gives record more than 60% of the sales to the photographers and accepts more photos.
It doesn’t receive significant traffic, but it’s still can become a great pick for you.

how to sell photos on stockxpert - selling photos online

5. StockXpert

StockXpert is also a good pick if you want to focus more on earnings, It is connected with Stock.Xchng where it sells all the photos. In this website, you can find lots of good quality low priced or even sometimes free pictures. It almost works like iStockPhotos, so you need to first of all sign up to the website and also uploads some sample photos. It offers you handsome earnings of 50% commission of sold photos.

This trend of earning money from selling photos online is new to most of my us, but believe me, it’s kind of interesting to give a try. I would suggest taking professional lessons before starting to use these websites can help you a lot.

So, that’s all in this post on how to earn money by selling photos online. I hope you like the post. If you know, more such sites which I have forgot to mention in this list. Feel free to write them in the comment section below.

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