How to Make Money During Flipkart Big Billion Days 2018

flipkart big billion days 2018


The wait for the biggest sales is finally over, they are back with the discounts and offers. They are the Big Billion Days by Flipkart and Great Indian Festival by Amazon.

These are the most awaited sales by the online shopaholics, as they find offers and reasonable discounts on Gadgets, electronics, clothing, smartphones and almost every brand and category in the store.

Both giant e-commerce websites are commencing their biggest sale week on 10th of October but the sale ends on 14th of October in Flipkart and on 15th of October in Amazon.

So, Folks get ready for the grand sale week it’s time to save, wait.. not just save there’s something else you can do to.

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How to Make Money With Flipkart Big Billion Days 2018

Now, since the Amazon Great Indian Festival, 2018 and Flipkart Big Billion Days 2018 are around the corner, it’s time for us to save some as well as earn some. Yes, you heard it right “Save some, and Earn some”, you can earn as well during this grand sale week.

And if this offer for you seems only for the sellers on Flipkart then let me tell you to need not be a Flipkart seller all the time to earn from Flipkart. And… Before you wonder how? Let’s get straight to the point. It’s through “Flipkart Affiliate Program”.

Now, what is this? This is a program where individuals can create an affiliate account and promote the products on different websites and social media account and when bought by someone you get the commission for each purchase. Amazing isn’t it?

But, how to get started? Becoming a Flipkart Affiliate is easy and moreover, free!

Before you proceed first to know about the requirements or say, eligibility to become a Flipkart affiliate or say, to create a Flipkart affiliate account.

  • You need not necessarily have a website or blog.
  • Just sign up and start making most of it.

Now, that you can see every individual is eligible to become a Flipkart affiliate let’s move on to the procedure to become one.

Below are few steps to follow that involves signing up and affiliate link promotion as well.

  • Step 1: Click here to Visit Flipkart Affiliate Website.
  • Step 2: Click on “Join now”, fill up the registration form that is a usual any other kind of sign up form with emailed, username and password details.
  • Step 3: Confirm the account by receiving the email, and now login to your account.
  • Step 4: Search for the product’s, copy the link, promote the product on your website or social media setup.
  • Step 5: Trace the earning in the panel when reached the threshold withdraw it, or use it in any other way proposed by Flipkart.

Wait, let’s also have a look at the ways you can get your money out, formally the payment options available in affiliate account.

  • The Withdrawal of the earnings can be done weekly or monthly, and also depends upon the reaching of the threshold.
  • There are two possible ways to get paid off through the affiliate program either through a NEFT into your Bank Account (minimum threshold is Rs.5000/-) or you can also buy a product from the Flipkart by redeeming the earned amount into Gift Vouchers (minimum threshold id Rs.250/-).

Almost done! But not completely done yet, as you don’t get the complete satisfaction of becoming a Flipkart affiliate until you earn worthy, which is possible only when you efficiently promote the affiliate links.

So, now it’s time to learn how to make the most out of these Big Billion Days.

Join Flipkart Affiliate

How to Promote affiliate links/offers during Flipkart Big Billion Days 2018?

This may sound bit programming skills required kind but believe me, it is quite easy to get done, if you already have a social media setup or website (not necessarily). It is important for a Flipkart affiliate to have a Social media set up as they are the most considerable marketing tools that can help you in promoting the product and receive the referral commissions.

So, let’s started with the procedure.

  • Login to the Flipkart Affiliate website
  • In the “Overview” section, you can pass the link of the product you want to promote.
  • For, which visit the, search the product and copy the link.
  • When you paste the link, you also get an option to add subIDs to the link, if in case you add you also can shorten the link and then finally copy the resulted link.
  • Now paste this link in any of your social media account or website to promote it.
  • If you have a website or blog then you can also promote the product by generating a banner that later will appear on your website.
  • Use customizations to select the banner and aesthetics.

Take Away

Flipkart Big Billion Days 2018 and Amazon Great Indian Festival 2018 are the savings days for the online shopaholics. So, it would be great to promote the most trending products, and if someone spots something they need at the best deals and for the most of the luck if they buy it then the commission is straight transferred to your account.

Tips for the Flipkart Big Billion Days 2018 aka Grand Sale Week.

  • Choose the trending products, the products that are mostly bought by the people.
  • Promote the product on every social media account you have to make most out of it.
  • Don’t limit yourself to a particular product, choose wisely.

Done! So, these were all the steps you need to follow to make the most out of these Big Billion Days of Flipkart. Now, all you need to do is follow the steps above, become a Flipkart affiliate, promote the brand and sit back and watch figures increasing.

Happy saving and earning this Flipkart Big Billion Days 2018!

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