Get Paid to Read Books: 5 Home Jobs for Book Lovers

get paid to read books

If your idea of a great weekend involves dressing down in your shorts while cuddling up with a good book and a glass of wine, then you’ve probably fantasized about building a career around your love for reading.

If you could do any job from home and get paid, what would it be? Are you reading this? So, can we guess it might have something to with books and writing?

If you’re simply a book lover who gets excited about attending the new book release event by young writers or attending the book fairs without fail, you have a golden chance to turn your passion for reading into earning by writing a book review.

So, please take out your spectacles, our reading enthusiast. This article is a journey of how to get paid to read books.

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Websites That Pay for Book Review

Dream jobs are no more a dream for many. People have started chasing their dreams and passion as their source of income. You too can make a living from reading. And while it’s not sure whether or not you’ll be allowed to work in your pyjamas, there are a few read and earn money jobs that will surely let you pay off your bills.

Following are the sites that assure paid book reviews or a book in exchange for the review:

ONLINE BOOK CLUB – The free site for readers has been around for over 10 years, even before the smartphones. They have tons of awesome features for book lovers and a massive community across the world. Your first review goes unpaid. Post that most projects offer $5 to $60. You really need to love books and reading. Soon you’ll see that reading is helping you earn a living.

KIRKUS – Kirkus hires freelancers to write reviews for the books which cover almost all genres. The books of all lengths, in all forms – digital, hardcover, and paperback format are available. The reviewers are supposed to write about 350 words review within a time frame of two weeks after the book is assigned. The editors are great to work with. You can get paid somewhere around $60/review.

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY – The weekly news magazine whose main focus is on the international book publishing business. They hire reviewers for all types of fiction and nonfiction, both in digital and hard copy formats. The books are both traditionally and self-published. You are paid a reward per review. The applicants who belong to LGBTQ backgrounds are welcome. The approx pay is $25 per review.

ANY SUBJECT BOOKS – Do you have your own book-review blog? Do you hold experience in publishing reviews on Amazon or Goodreads? Ummm….. This can be a good fit for you. They hire the readers who are honest and hold a skill to take an analytical tour of the book as well as the reviews. The basic Jagran – “I loved it, 5 stars!” is a big no. The pay rate varies from book to book.

WOMEN’S REVIEW OF BOOKS – The Wellesley Centers create the Women’s Review of Books publication for Women at Wellesley College. They tend to publish reviews of only the books written by and about women. They look for the contributors who hold some prior experience as a reviewer, academician, or publisher. The pay rate of the published review is $100. All the girls reading this, let’s go!!

BOOKLIST ONLINE – Published by the American Library Association, Booklist Online publishes around 8,000 book reviews a year. Since they have so much bulk work to deal with, they assign work to freelancers. Their reviews are of around 175 words. But if the book is a marvellous creation, with the editor’s approval, you can write a review of about 225 words.

Simply reading books and writing a review might not make you earn the proper living. You’ll probably have to do more than simply reviewing the books. Following are the additional opportunities that you can avail and still make money by reading.

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Ways to Make Money as a Booklover

Following are enlisted the perfect home-based job opportunities for the wordsmiths:

BOOK REVIEWER – Book reviewer is one job that allows you to work in the comfort of your own home, and the warmth of your blanket. However, you have to be a prolific reader and writer for the same.

Usually, book reviewers begin their career by creating a blog. Promote your site by creating a network on sites such as Goodreads, leave reviews, and join a local book club. Once, you have a substantial number of followers, start offering services by being in touch with an editor or publication house. When you become a book reviewer, you are paid for the opinions you share about the book.

TRANSLATOR – Can you speak more than one language? Do you love reading as well? One cool job you can consider is as a translator. Translators are never visible on the front end, but their work contribution is very vital, and it is done either on paper or online.

And, if your passion is a literary translation, then international publication houses hire freelance translators to work for foreign bestsellers. But, being bilingual does not mean you’re a translator. It would be best if you also were an expert in storytelling. It’s the responsibility of the translator to choose something which resembles the same as what the author is trying to say.

COPY EDITOR AND PROOFREADER – Large to small business organizations outsource the work of online proofreading and copyediting. If you’re looking to work for a large publication house, you need to hold a certificate. You can get it by completing a copy editing course.

Many of these courses can be completed online. There’s no hustle and bustle to get the certificate NOW only. For now, you can apply to corporations and websites who are looking for proofreaders for their individual content. To make your career in copy editing and proofreading, you need to possess strong grammar and vocabulary skills. Your work will demonstrate the same.

EDITING – The perfect blend of education, determination, and good luck, you can easily secure a job as an editor online. Such job opportunities are not so common, but time and again, the websites and online publication houses are on the lookout for editors.

You can also create your own freelance editing business, sell your services to those seeking for professional evaluation and polish their work. But, this needs certain homework on your part, such as creating your own website, deciding your own rates, gathering the testimonials and finally landing the clients. Never approach customers for another service or violate the terms of your agreement.

BOOK PUBLISHER – The wow “get paid to read books” job. So, you hold years of experience in writing, editing; proofreading means you’ve maximized your skills to be a book publisher. You can spot grammatical errors, and copied content in one go. Great!!

You’re well versed in making the book look beautiful online as well as on the cover page. It’s time to step into the business of book publishing. If you are a gig in all the above, you can start your own publishing business. However, you need to have some start-up capital in your pocket, skills and a great opportunity to create a book that you always dreamt of.

Wrapping Up

Are you a bookworm, excited to avail these opportunities? We’re excited too for you. Building your career around your passion makes you satisfied both inward and outward. There are so many remote work opportunities waiting for you out there to make a livelihood.

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