10 Untapped Ways to Get Referrals for PTC Sites

how to get referrals for PTC Sites

Referrals are the backbone of any Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business model. The more people you refer under your downline, better your earnings will be. If you don’t have the good amount of referrals, your earning will be very less, and you won’t earn anything out of it except few cents.

But it’s not easy as it looks like to make a referral. You need to be patient and keep on explaining the same thing over again and again to each and every person you meet.

Still, there is no guarantee of success in this method. You don’t know if people will join under you or not and how long they continue working for that site.

If you are going through the same situation, then read this post till the end, and I will show you how to get referrals for PTC sites or any other MLM websites.

There are two methods to get referrals for PTC sites; one is paid method, and another one is, of course, free and I”ll be covering both the methods one by one that you can use as per your need.

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How to Get Referrals for PTC Sites (Paid Method)

Buy Referrals: Best and Easiest way to get referrals for any PTC sites is to Buy Direct Referrals. There are plenty of websites out there on the internet which sells referrals. You”ll get many referrals packages to choose from ranging from 15 Referrals for 14$ and higher.

Marketplace: You can also buy direct referrals from freelancing marketplace websites like Fiverr, SeoClerks, Microworkers, etc. Many individuals sell this kind of services on this platforms. You just need to check reviews & no. of orders the seller has completed before placing an order to make sure you won’t get scammed.

Best Marketplace Websites

1. SeoClerks
2. Fiverr
3. Referralshop
4. Getdirectreferrals


Micro Jobs: Micro job Websites is another good source to get active referrals for PTC sites. You need to spend the small amount of money to create your task. Fix sum of money will deduct from your spent money for every successful referral you receive for your PTC site.

Best Micro Job Websites

1. MicroWorks
2. FamilyClix
3. DonkeyMails
4. Neobux
5. Clixsense


PPC Websites: Another paid method to get Direct Referrals are Pay Per Click (PPC) Ad Network Websites. All you have to do is create a landing page by placing your affiliate link/banner and run an ad campaign to promote your links.

Best PPC Ad Network:

1. Google Adword
2. Media.Net
3. Infolinks
4. Clicksor
5. RevenueHits


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How to Get Referrals for PTC Sites (Free Method)

Below are some of the absolutely free methods which you can use to make referrals



So, these are some of the untapped ways to get referrals for PTC Sites.

If you have any other methods to promote your affiliate link which I have not listed in this post, write them down in the comment section below.

And make sure you also share this post on your Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media platforms and i”ll see you in my next post with yet another opportunity to make money online.


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