How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program

How To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program


Step By Step Guide on How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program: Earning through marketing has become a recent innovative way of living. In the contemporary world, there are many ways in which people are making lives out of the marketing world. Affiliate marketing is one of the most prominent ways to earn some extra bucks through your website.

The Affiliate program introduced by Amazon is known as Amazon Associate Program. It will help you gain 4% (and more with increase in sales) on purchases that are made through a special link you place in your website or blog. Before going through this tutorial, I would like to show you one live example of good affiliate site. This example website is on the fishkeeping niche (Aquariums to be more precise) 55 Gallon Fish Tank where site admin shares review of aquariums of 55 gallons size. Have a look at it.

Please note: affiliate program is only for the affiliates who want to promote Amazon products only in United States of America.


How To Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program

How Can You Make Money with Affiliate Program

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Here’s a step by step procedure of how to make money with Affiliate program:


#1. Start a Blog:

The first step that is crucial in Amazon Affiliate is creating a blog. Most of the best affiliates are bloggers who add the Amazon links to their sites along with creating quality content. So, start a free blog using any platform like the WordPress or Blogger. The only cost that is to be invested is on adding the content and designing the site. Now, choose a topic that you’re passionate about and can develop site followers eventually. If you’re more serious towards earning via Affiliate Program, I strongly recommend you to start a self hosted blog with and that you can learn quickly from Google.


#2. What If You Already Have a Website:

Websites (both professional and personal) can also make use of the affiliate marketing. However, they are best used if they add links to the Amazon products which are not sold on their websites. If you have a website which is a service, a club, a non-profit business’ or a site which just works on the content instead of promoting products or a site which promote different products, then you can make money using this affiliate program.


#3. Create Social Media Profiles:

A great way to improve the ranking is by increasing the number of readers as well as the number of links to your site. And your site readers can share the content. Therefore, one can post these Amazon links on different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin in order to increase the traffic and draw more people (relative) using Facebook ads and other promoting channels.


#4. Post quality content:

It’s important to garner your readers by keeping the quality of content rich. Therefore you should keep your blog updated at least once in a week to gain loyalty. Include the links to best of the lists, preferred vendors, recommendations and as suggestions rather than directly stating or pitching them off to make money. Also, it is important to make sure that you’re having fun in posting these links. If you do it as a job, you will not easily get any sales. The inclusion of the link should give you the satisfaction of doing it and should stand out as a best buying reference. Check content at the site I already shared. See how beautifully site owner has written SeaClear aquarium review on his site to help readers who want to buy SeaClear aquarium.


#5. Sign Up as an Associate:

The second part of the affiliate program involves signing up as an associate. To do this, visit (for US only) and go through the information before signing up as an association. For countries other than USA, sign up for respective country’s Amazon affiliate program.You should initially understand the products that are eligible for affiliation, how to be paid and how to post about the products to promote them. The rewards include commissions, advertising fees and they vary from time to time and from product to product.


#6. Login using password and username:

Join Amazon United States of America Affiliate Program

Click on the “Join Now for Free” button when you are done with accessing and understanding the information. Sign in using your username and password which you use for Amazon. Select your payment address from the list and fill out the information about the website including the traffic and also the online monetization. You have to fill all the sites that you use to post the link and then verify the identity.


#7. Browse through the products:

Start searching for the eligible products on the Central and choose the products that you are interested in integrating into your posts. It is best recommended to use the filter saying, “Bestseller” to be benefitted the most. Once you are done finding the products, post the specific link to your site by including text, an image depending on how impactful you want to make the post. Use the site stripe and the toolbar located at the top to capture the product links.


#8. Increase the profits:

The important step is to optimize your affiliate earnings by posting these links on regular basis. It means you have to find different ways which can tempt the audience/readers into buying the product. Therefore, the recommendations should be incorporated in an innovative way while letting the audience know that you’re just offering expertise on the specific product. The Amazon Affiliate links are usually clicked by the most potential buyers, and they stay active for 24 hours on the whole. It means that the links expire for a user after 24 hours and therefore your chance of earning money diminishes too. Fresh links will give you fresh chances to earn more money. To maintain a long term career as an, go through all agreement and requirements.


#9. Build Backlinks That Work:

It is important to build links to the products from time to time. Amazon also pays you an advertising fee which is directly proportional to the purchase of a person and not just the product that you have been advertising. Therefore, getting people to click and use the link of Amazon product and make a purchase using your referral link is imperative. One way to do this, is by sending these referral links to your friends, family and contacts using emails and receive a decent commission on each purchase within 24 hours of time.


#10. Add Site Widgets: Site Widget Example For Aquarium Niche
Most of the sites have widgets and as well as online stores that can be added to the site’s template. Therefore, list relative and several products in the sidebar. Also, advertise for products whose price is above $100. If a reader buys an expensive product, the commission will be high which has the potential to cover your promoting costs. Make recommendations every quarter or month on a particular topic that your readers are interested in. Many sites usually maintain a list of all best selling products and therefore make recommendations based on this list. Post content which is seasonal using the links like posting a Xmas tree link during the Christmas season in order to get more profits.


Summing Up Guide on How To Make Money with Amazon Associate Program

By using the above tips, one can efficiently earn money through Amazon affiliate. Therefore, have a look at example site I have shared above and know how to build a site, write creative content and also how to build links efficiently. So, if you haven’t already started doing it, start it right now and gain adequate experience before you will start growing up! This was all about How Can You Make Money with Affiliate Program, I hope you’ll find this extensive tutorial helpful. Cheers..!!!


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