How to Monetize a Travel Blog Like Pro

How to Monetize a Travel Blog

Recently I got a mail from Quora that someone has requested your answer to a question. When I checked that email, there was a guy who asked me about how to monetize a travel blog.

When I was about to write the answer to his question. I got a thought to write a blog post on this. ( Afterall cross-platform promotion is something we should also look for 😛 )

So if you are a person who loves traveling and owns a travel blog but have no idea of how to monetize a blog, then this post is for you. Because in this post, I m going to share with you few simple and untapped methods to monetize your travel blog.

Note: I m not counting Google Adsense into this list as its too common and known to almost everybody now.


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How To Monetize a Travel Blog: 6 Untapped Methods




1. Selling Ebooks

make money with ebooks


One of the best methods to generate revenue from your blog is by selling ebooks. Write down your travel experiences, guides, do’s and don’t and other insight information in the form of an ebook. There’s a lot of websites and software available on the internet to create free ebooks and sell it directly on your blog.


2.  Affiliate Marketing

make money with affiliate marketing


Another way to monetize your blog is through affiliate marketing. There’re many big travel websites like, and many other which offers an affiliate program. All you need to do is place their ad banners on your blog with your unique affiliate link.

Whenever any visitor lands on this websites by clicking on the banner and book any journey,  you”ll get paid some amount as commission depends on the transaction. You can join affiliate program from here


3. Paid Post

sponsored post


If you own a blog which is quite popular and gets a lot of visitors on a monthly basis then paid post is the thing for you. You can publish the post written by other travel bloggers and webmaster on your blog and give them link back from your that post by charging them some amount for the same.


4. Paid Reviews

paid review


You can also shoot an email to the big restaurants and hotels and tell them that you are interested in publishing a review of their hotels or restaurant on your blog for some x amount of money.

There are many hotels and restaurant’s who is ready to shell up to thousands of bucks on such paid reviews to promote their product.

Make sure you write a genuine and honest review about what you feel for that particular product. Don’t go with biased review and write just good things about the product just because you are getting paid for the same.


5. Sell Ad Space

sell adspa ce


If you own an authority blog with hell lot of visitors on a daily basis, you can also monetize this traffic by selling ad space on your blog to the various brands. You just need to place their ad banners on your blog, and they will pay you monthly rent for that ad slots.


6. Freelancing

freelancing work


You can also earn by providing freelancing services on your blog. For example, writing for other’s blog, conducting seminars and webinars, and by guiding others them for the same.




These are some of the ways through which you can monetize your blog. If you have any questions or queries regarding how to monetize to monetize a travel blog, or if you want to share your monetization strategy, then let me know in the comment section below.


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