8 Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home

legitimate ways to make money from home

With job postings being limited and monthly wages seemingly stagnant at best. Many people around the world are looking to establish some financial security by creating multiple streams of income. It definitely is a smart plan. But if you are not comfortable to take the trouble of leaving your home. Or your primary position to take up a second job, you might get yourself frustrated and stressed out due to it.

So, what you can do instead is start looking for Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home.

There can be several reasons for looking for ways to make money from home. For instance, maybe you can’t commit to a full-time job. Or you may have been injured, which makes it difficult for you to leave home and go out every day.

Whatsoever the reason, if you are someone who stays at home most of the time. Then you must have probably thought about making money by doing some at-home jobs. Or by running your own little business or taking up a work-from-home task or job. Whatever you choose, there are several Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home and keep yourself busy.

Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home

So, here comes the good news. There are numerous and genuine ways of making some extra money right from the comfort of your home. Some of them include starting your own small business while others involve working for someone else from your home.

Whether it’s getting paid to watch television or making money from YouTube videos, there’s a way for everyone to boost their income.

Now, let us have a look at some of the legitimate and sure-shot ways, via which you easily make some money and work right from your home.


  • Getting Paid To Watch Telly: Earn Up To 6000 Per Research Group

If you are a telly addict then you can put your knowledge to good use. Sites such as “Theviewers.co.uk” put together research panels for programme makers and broadcasters. This is because they can get feedback on TV programmes before they are telecasted.

You can either fill in surveys online or attend a face-to-face research group, or do both. By doing so, you can earn between ₹3500 and ₹6000 for a discussion group and you usually get cash in hand.

The fee for online surveys varies but it’s generally about ₹30 per form and money is paid into your bank account. This is one of the easiest and Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home.


  • Becoming A Problem Solver For Companies: Earn Lakhs Potentially

If you have a technical skill or an excellent analytical mind, you could earn well by solving problems for companies. This cash is not guaranteed for each month but it can be interesting and fun when your idea gets picked.

You can apply through companies such as “Idea Connection” and “InnoCentive”. They can pay up to ₹4,00,000 for a brilliant, worthy idea.


  • Getting paid to Google: Earn Up to ₹60 per search

It is possible to get paid for surfing the internet. This most probably is the easiest, most simple and Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home. All you have to do is download web browsers add-on from “Qmee”.

The add-on works in the background when you use Google. If you click on a result that interests you, then you’ll earn cash. Usually it is 10-15rs per search but sometimes as much as ₹60. The cash is paid to you via Paypal.


  • Making Money From YouTube Videos: Earn ₹2500 A Month

You don’t have to be a famous vlogger to make money from YouTube. All you need is content that is appealing to the masses, another interesting and Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home. Thousands of people earn cash from uploading their clips to the video search engine. This can be done through the YouTube partner programme.

It puts adverts on your videos and you earn a slice of the cash. The more views you get the more money you’ll earn through YouTube.


  • Filling In Surveys Online And Earn Cash: Earn Up To ₹1300 A Month

If you’ve got spare time and are idle at home, you can fill in surveys online and earn up to ₹17k a year. You will be offered surveys depending on your profile, where you reside and what your interests are. It can be slow at times as you can’t guarantee when a survey is going to come through.

You can register for free; try “Swagbucks” and “PopulusLive”. The money is usually paid via PayPal or into your bank account once you’ve earned a certain amount of money.


  • Sell Your Unwanted Stuff: Earn Up to ₹3500 a month

One another option to make extra money, before you roll up your sleeves and monetise your personal or professional skills is to right-size your life. Selling unwanted stuff is a great way to downsizing and de-cluttering your life while earning some income on the side.

If you’re transitioning to full-time work-at-home status. This income could provide a boost to your plans for a proper home office. Or allow you to maintain your lifestyle during tough times. Selling your unwanted stuff is the definition of “low-hanging fruit” when it comes to making Income from home.

Even if you’re intentional in your purchasing habits, you surely have possessions that you can do without. Things such as old kids’ clothing and toys, unused sporting goods and out-of-fashion wardrobe accessories. Over even, electronics, furniture, dusty tools and outdoor equipment. And perhaps, even a motorcycle or a second car.

The real question is how and where do you sell all that stuff and is it really Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home?

Here are the popular sites where you can sell your unwanted stuff and make instant money:

eBay: Without any doubts, eBay is one of the most popular websites in the world. That means it’s a great way to attract a lot of eyeballs quickly to your unwanted items. Initially, it was designed as an auction site for DIY sellers. But now, eBay now primarily a venue for fixed-price (though often heavily discounted) sales by professional merchants.

Still, as long as you include high-quality photographs and thorough descriptions in your product listings, you can break through the noise.

Amazon: Many people don’t realize that Amazon is a haven for third party sellers. If you plan to sell more than 40 items per month on Amazon, consider registering as a professional seller. You’ll need to pay a small monthly subscription fee and a referral fee that usually ranges from 6% to 20%.

Alternatively, you can register as an individual seller. The fee schedule is the same as for professionals, except you don’t have to pay the subscription and selling fee.


  • Freelance Writing: Sell Your Words

The Internet boom has changed everything including the opportunity for writers. Today, you can decide to become a freelance writer and, if you’re fortunate, get an assignment on the very same day. Obviously, the better your skills are, the better your projects and freelance writing rates will be.

This is another Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home, where you can put your knowledge and education to good use and earn from it.

Today’s freelance writers can choose from a variety of markets. You can write for magazines, either online or in print. You can start blogging by setting up your own site, or by writing for someone else’s site. The market for new articles on the Internet is vast and there’s plenty of work to go around.

Additionally, book publishers are always looking for the next big book. People need sales letters, white papers, website copy, and e-books. In other words, there’s an ocean of work to do, and if you’re an ambitious writer, you can dive in and make huge profits.


  • Claim for what you are entitled to: Earn Up to 86k

Reclaiming for a product that you were wrongly sold can be a good way to get substantial amount of cash in your account by just reclaiming.

You must have heard of the PPI scam where millions of people were mis-sold the policy along with their credit cards/mortgages/loans and were made to pay for something they didn’t want in the first place.

You can check for the same and if you were mis-sold PPI, you can reclaim for a refund and get up to ₹86k if your compensation is successful.

You can make a claim sitting right at home. A Good way to start is by checking if you have a PPI policy attached to your product. You can even take help of a claim management company to make a PPI reclaim and they would help you get the money that rightfully belongs to you and only take a minimal fee once you receive your compensation.

Final Words

You can use any one of these Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home. Just ensure that you’re determined enough to get started and can continue with the same spirit.

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