How to Make Money by Designing T-Shirts Online

Make Money by Designing T-Shirts Online

From online bets to selling your handmade collection of home decor, there is a lot of popular quick money-making ideas that are never too old to make you rich. Do they really work? Not really? Are you sure that you’ll earn enough to pay all your monthly bills? Maybe or maybe not!! But, for sure you might end up earning more than your 10hours*5days job.

The truth is there are real ways to make money online – millions of people are doing it worldwide. There is no predicted right time to start an eCommerce business. According to the study conducted by Statista, in the United States alone the eCommerce sales are predicted to surpass $740 billion by 2023. Does it give you goosebumps?

Everyone loves t-shirts. They can make your entire outfit stand apart, help you make a statement or be a conversation starter. Why not sell t-shirts without inventory?

Open a customized t-shirt store online – mind it, it is one of the easiest businesses to start with. All you need to do is create t-shirt design online and earn money in India and gradually you’ll witness a streamlined income. You must be thinking that why only t-shirts? Because t-shirts are worn by almost everyone- from an infant to the grandmother – and hardly there is anyone who has just one t-shirt.

Another added advantage is that they are super easy to print and customize with whatever logo, image, or photograph you want – which means they can reflect the interest and personality based on the niche you chose. There are available so many online platforms that make money designing t-shirts. Indeed, the customized t-shirt industry is growing at an undeniable speed.

Need not panic about the survival and growth in the online marketplace!! The perfect blend of a little bit of strategy and a spirit to do something will help you shine in the world of eCommerce – irrespective you’re experienced or not. However, it’s never a good idea to dive in with head first and closed eyes without any knowledge. So, you need to do a bit of mind-boggling by studying the market and knowing where the success lies.

The following article will tell you in detail how to make money by designing t-shirts online.

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What are Customized T-Shirts?

In the present-day world full of brands, many people think of bringing in some uniqueness in their style? A customized t-shirt is what they think can bring a change in their world of fashion.

If you design and sell t-shirts online, the first thing you need to make sure is that you don’t have the same old designs. Second, you need to ensure you have the widest range of customized services. And when it comes to customization, make sure that your store designs and sells t-shirts online based on the choice of the customer. Now it is possible to design t-shirts and earn. This means you have a chance to transform an ordinary t-shirt into a true work of art and let the people appreciate your sense of class.

With the advancement in technology, the costs associated with designing and selling t-shirts online has declined due to the improved production techniques. This has brought about a tremendous improvement in the whole aspect of customer experience. You have to assure the customer that customized t-shirts are a popular and fun way of identifying each other at an event and they can help make the experience truly memorable.

How to Make Money by Designing T-Shirts Online


    First, understand the basics. Getting your artwork licensed to print on Demand sites and platforms means you will give the right to a website to print YOUR design on physical products and sell it to their customers. This will not be done for free. For every shirt sold they will pay you a royalty and this will help generate a maximum of your income.

Technically speaking, you’re not the “seller” of the T-shirts. You’re simply providing your artwork- and some basic information that will help customers find your design and in turn, you’re generating an income. In the present day, it is easier and quicker to make money via an existing website than by creating your own website and brand. But, in the long run, you can have your own website too.

Above all, Licensing is the foundation of the successful online t-shirt business. Initially, do not focus on building your own brand; instead, focus on a lot of ideas and designs that would sell on big platforms. Keep the negatives aside. Use this trick for your own advantage and leverage the audiences and sales power of big giants.


There’s no formula for it – the number of designs you’ll create, the more income you’ll generate. If you want to generate an income for a livelihood, you’ll need to create more and more designs. Create 10 decent designs, upload them at several sites. You’ll find that 2 of them are sold regularly while the rest do not. This is known as the 80:20 rules – a very familiar concept in marketing and economics.

Keeping in mind that my 2 designs are selling much, you might think of creating 2 more designs. Nope. You’re wrong. You’ll need 10 more designs – 20 in total – because of the ratio that we just learned. Practically it means that you need to have new designs flowing in each day. Consistency, Regularity, and frequently are three things that will help you succeed.

Create more designs each month, create better designs each time, list your designs on more websites and marketplaces, get better at marketing strategy. Follow all the aforementioned strategies and tricks and success in making money by designing t-shirts online will be yours. Nobody can snatch your skill and your artwork.


If you call yourself an illustrator, this is one tip that you would not like to hear. Keep in mind one thing “original work doesn’t sell to mass market audiences. And in order to generate handsome income, you need to have designs that appeal to the mass market trends. You need to come up with designs that people are willing to buy. But, originality should be there in each of your designs.

Ensure that the designs are simple, clear, and easy to understand. For a year or two, you need to create designs based on what the market wants to buy later you can make a paradigm shift towards your original work. Regardless of, you work day in and day out or how eye captivating your designs are – it takes a lot of hard work to establish a “brand”.

Meanwhile, in these years, you can lay the groundwork for your brand. With the cash flow you generate by selling your designs, you can invest in extending your own business. The thing to understand here is the original stuff that you sell from your own platform takes some time to establish.

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If you’re looking to design a t-shirt for yourself, UberPrints is a good option. They boast a great online catalogue of apparel designs that will help you choose the perfect one. You also have the option to create your own design using their tool irrespective you’re pro or not. They take approximately 5-8 business days to deliver your order. If you’re tight on budget you might find them expensive. But, they never compromise with the quality. Easy online quotes.


Rush Order Tees is one single online platform that designs your custom t-shirts quickly in 4 day’s time. They have got a library of design templates. You can either upload your own design or use the clip-art to design the t-shirt. In the end, their designers give the final touch up to make your tee stand apart. Their price quotes are transparent. The added advantages are they never compromise with the quality and the nice size online catalog.


If you want to upload your own catalog of customized garments online and have customers who buy them – Teespring is a service not to be missed. Don’t forget, the profits will drop in your bank account. As a customer, you can choose from the pre-designed catalog tees uploaded by the freelancers or you can design your own. The quality of the designs is very high and you’ll get the same in your ordered tee. The online catalog also has unique designs.


Vistaprint is a renowned online retailer famous for paper product printing online. The vast online catalog of apparel is the one from where you can choose the design for your t-shirts. You also have the option to design your own t-shirt and get it printed from the site. The delivery might take a few days but they never compromise with the quality and the nice size online catalog. Due to a significant customer base, you might have to wait for a long span for help.


Without a doubt, custom ink is the largest online custom t-shirt retail printer worldwide. Credits to their strategic marketing and advertising campaigns they have become the leader of the t-shirt industry. The do-it-yourself T-shirt design tool creates apparel that stands apart. They have lived with their motto “the T-shirt design lab” and they have ample to offer when it comes to clipart designs for you to choose from. The live chatbot, friendly staff, and long business hours have made them rein the marketplace.

Wrapping Up

Alright, we hope the aforementioned all details on how to make money by designing t-shirts online in this article are easy to grasp. Follow the principles that you need to understand in order to successfully make money from designing t-shirts online.

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