How to Make Upto 150$ a Day from Fiverr without any Skills

make money on fiverr without skills

Why is it that patience is less in today’s generation? We are gradually, but unmistakably, reaching an era in which skills, rather than education, and smartness, rather than talents, produce outcomes.

You won’t be shocked to learn that the top searched phrase on the internet is something along the lines of “how to make money online without skills” or something similar. 

We’re sure you’re aware of this, but what you may not realize is that on the internet, where openness is king, not every website has come up with clever ways for someone who wants to make money with no skill required to succeed.

So don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our blog, where we’ll tell you how to make money on Fiverr without any skills.

Fiverr is a well-known marketplace website where one can offer services based on their skill set. 

Fiverr, for one, connects businesses and professionals with freelancers who provide services in a variety of fields.

The site has gained popularity for both parties since its inception in 2010. If you want to learn more about Fiverr and how it works, click here.

But what if we tell you that you can also make money from Fiverr even if you don’t have any skills to sell on the platform. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? 

So the method we are going to use to make money from Fiverr without any skills is called Fiverr Affiliate Marketing and what you need to do is instead of posting your gigs on Fiverr, you need to resale other people’s gigs by establishing a straightforward link to their gigs.

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What is Fiverr Affiliate Marketing?

“Fiverr Affiliates is a marketing program in which affiliate marketers are compensated for bringing new users to the site.”

Today, affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways for people to earn money online. This is one of Fiverr’s new products that requires no experience and is ideal for people who have a huge social media following or a successful website.

For this work, you would drive people to a certain Fiverr service — or a specific product or service for another firm — and be reimbursed for the recommendations you generated.

Steps to Make Money on Fiverr without any Skills

Make Money from Fiverr without Skills

Create a free account on Fiverr

Okay, so a lot of you must be thinking why do I need an account of my own to earn from Fiverr without skill?  I’m supposed to be promoting other people’s gigs, so why am I doing this? The basic response is that this is merely a formality. You may simply create an account, which will take you about a minute or two, and then, for consistency, specify a specialty in which you are most interested. For instance, video editing or internet marketing.

  • Join Fiverr with this Link.
  • After entering your email address, click Continue.
  • Create a unique username for yourself!
  • Choose a password, then click Join.
  • You have successfully finished the Fiverr signup procedure!
  • In the Fiverr activation email you got, click Activate Your Account.

Make Money with Fiverr Affiliate

Join Fiverr Affiliate Marketing Program

Simply join Fiverr Affiliate Program with this link and complete the signup process which will take no longer than a minute, and your free account will be created.

Earn Money from Fiverr

Search for the Gig

Once you’ve joined the affiliate marketing program, go back to the Fiverr home page and search for the gigs that you’re most interested in and want to resell through this affiliate marketing program. 

For example, if you want to advertise a gig as a Content Marketer/ Writer, Video Editor, Graphic Designer, or even a Website Developer, all you have to do is type your query in the search bar and Fiverr will show you the gigs related to your query.

Let’s assume you choose: Digital Marketer’s gig

Select the good Gig

After you’ve found a gig (Digital Marketer, for example), you’ll need to choose one from the list that’s most acceptable in terms of cost, delivery time, number of orders, positive rating, reviews, etc. 

Let’s say I choose to promote this gig of Digital Marketing which has got a rating of 4.9. 

Note: We’ve only used the Digital Marketing gig as an example; you may perform your research to see which gigs are popular. You are only a promoter through this affiliate marketing network, not the vendor who possesses any ability essential for that position. So it’s perfectly fine if you don’t know anything about the specific field (gig). Make sure you only promote gigs that are trendy on the internet.

Open the URL of the gig that you have selected and simply Copy the URL of the gig you want to promote.

Earn Money from Fiverr

Generate Affiliate Link

Return to your Fiverr Affiliate Dashboard, and look for Default and Deep Links under the Marketing Tools Menu.

After clicking on the default and deep links, click on the  LP URL, also known as the landing page URL, located at the top right of the page.

Now paste the URL that you have copied and press Enter. A link will appear in front of us. You can also shorten the link if you want by enabling the option “Shorten URL”

Test the Short Link

Copy and paste the link that you copied into a new tab. The same URL should be opened every time. If not, go over the instructions again to see if you’ve made any mistakes.

Now start promoting this URL on various relevant Facebook Groups and other social media platforms and when someone signs a contract using the link to your promoted gig, you will be paid anywhere between 15$ to 150$ depending on the services you are promoting.

Final Words

Although affiliate marketing may appear to be the best way to make money on Fiverr without skills, it still requires a substantial amount of effort and time.

We urge that you start your experience right away, but be steady and consistent since while you may not earn immediately, you will certainly in the future.

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