How I Earned 1500$ With Dailymotion.

Make money online with dailymotion

Hey Folks,
In this post, I’m going to share my personal case study on how I make money online with Dailymotion and have already earned above 1500$ already by implementing this strategy. You can check my channel here

Before digging further in, let me take a second to thank all of for your overwhelming response to my previous post Guide To Make Money Online with Neobux Without Investment were I got over 80 comments even tough most of them were spam but getting comments on your post always boost your confidence, no matter spam or genuine 😛

Moving back to the topic. When it comes to watching videos online all of us prefer or say knows only 2 sites. Youtube and Dailymotion. Many people might already know that Youtube is not only for watching videos we can also make money from youtube by uploading our own videos and monetizing it with Adsense. But during my research before this writing this post, I come to know that very few people know that we can also make money with Dailymotion just like Youtube.

In this post will be sharing my personal case study on how I earned over 1500$ with Dailymotion. So Stay Tuned !!!


What Is Dailymotion?


Founded by Olivier Poitrey and Benjamin Bejbaum. Dailymotion was Launched on 15th March 2005, It is the 2nd largest video streaming website after Youtube and 7th Most Surfed Website In World according to Google.


How To Make Money Online With Dailymotion?


Just like Youtube, Dailymotion place Adsense ads on our videos, once we get approved for their monetization programme and shares 70% of the revenue with uploader out of whatever earning his or her video generates and keeps 30% of it.


How To Become Dailymotion Publisher & Make Mony With Website?


You can also earn money by embedding Dailymotion’s videos on your website. All you need to do is, Once your account is approved,

  1. Log in to your Dashboad and goto “Website Monetization” tab.
  2. There you will find “Manage Your Site” Option click on that and the “Add Your Site”
  3. Enter Details of your Website Like Url Etc.
  4. Copy given Meta Tag under Body Section of your website
  5. Once your site is verified
  6.  Goto Widget under Website Monetization Tab
  7. Generate Your Widget By Customizing its style and size
  8.  Copy the given code anywhere your want videos to be show on your website and save it and you are done
  9.  Now everytime a user will play video on your website, You will get paid for it.


How To Monetize and Make Money with Dailymotion Videos?


During my research for this post. I come to know that only a few people know that Dailymotion also have monetization option just like Youtube and you can earn money from Dailymotion as well and there is a lot of misconception regarding Do’s and Dont’s to get approval for Dailymotion Monetization. So I m going to share what exactly I did to get approved from Dailymotion and monetize my channel. All you need to do is replicate this exact method and start your journey to success.


Strategy To Earn From Dailymotion

I m not any so called expert to tell you and specific strategy to make money from Dailymotion. Its all depends on personal approach. More you promote your videos, more you will earn.

Here is my exact stratergy of how i got views on my videos. As we all know that Advertiser love traffic from Europe countries, Now comes the traffic part to earn revenue from our videos. More views we get on our videos, more revenue for us. For that you can use websites having good amount of USA users.


Platforms I Used To Promote My Videos

[sociallocker]Reddit, StumbleUpon & TSU. You can also embed your videos on your blog post if its relevant to your niche.[/sociallocker]


Criteria To Get Approved For Dailymotion Monetization.


There is a lot of myth and rumours around the web when it comes to getting approved for Dailymotion monetization. Many so called expert say that you need to have channel at least with 25000 views before you apply for monetization. They also say that you need to have 100’s of videos before you apply for the same. And what I call this total sh#t.

First thing first, to make money from Dailymotion you need to have the account with Dailymotion and need to have at least 4-5 original videos uploaded on your channel. Don’t copy someone else videos as it will dim your chances of getting approved. You need to already have at least some amount of views on your videos before you apply for monetization. My suggestion is, Don’t apply for monetization before your have 500 views on your channel.

Once you fulfil above written criteria. Signup for their monetization programme by filling the simple form. You will find link to join this programme at the bottom of Dailymotion’s homepage

dailymotion monetize

Once applied wait for some time (in my case it was 12hours) and you will receive a mail from Dailymotion that your account has been approved for monetization.


How To Get Paid By Dailymotion?


You will get paid by Dailymotion on your desired payment method (which you have selected while signup) once your account balance reaches 100$. If you didn’t reach the payment threshold this month, it will be carry forward to next month until you reach 100$ minimum.

Dailymotion support 3 Payment Processor including Payoneer, PayPal and Wire Transfer


Dailymotion Payment Proof.


Here is my personal real-time payment proof of Dailymotion here you can see, I got my 1st payment of 265$ in my PayPal account.


[sociallocker]Dailymotion Payment Proof[/sociallocker]


Dailymotion Payment Proof Paypal.

[sociallocker]dailymotion payment proof paypal[/sociallocker]


As you can see in above picture that my lifetime earning from dailymotion till now is 1358$ . That’s actually around 1500$ as my last payment of 102$ is not yet updated in their database.

I have tried to clear as many thing as i could with this post on how to make money online with dailymotion. If still there is anything left in this post, or if you have question to ask regarding online earning with dailymotion, you can ask me by writing it in comment section below.


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