5 Ways to Make Money Playing PUBG Mobile

make money playing pubg

If you are an enthusiastic gamer, then you might have heard the name of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS or PUBG Mobile Game. Maybe you have already played this game number of times. However, It’s not only about a realistic battle experience rather PUBG Mobile also offers an incredible scope through which many people can earn a passive income.

PUBG is one of the most popular as well as the best-selling games, offered by Tencent Games. Moreover, the PUBG mobile version is top grossing in the category of Action games in the Google Play Store and this game has already over 50 million installs on the Android platform.

In this post, we are going to discuss strategies to make money playing PUBG Mobile Game and moreover, you can play this game by using your mobile device or through your PC via emulator.

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How to Make Money Playing PUBG?

Let’s take a look at some of the strategies through which you can earn money playing PUBG

  • Online PUBG Tournaments

The simplest way by which you can make money playing PUBG is by joining the paid online tournaments. The best part is that anyone can play these online PUBG Tournaments, all you need is the game. You can check out various online platforms, including MLG Gamebattles, GamerzArena, FACEIT, and Tournament.

  • Sell PUBG Items for Money

Collecting Battle Points as well as purchasing crates could be another way by which you can earn money playing PUBG. They could sell them get it converted into cash. That’s the reason why lots of players keep track of the valuable items along with the new crates so that they can collect and sell them for a decent price.

You can also sell the items on the Steam Market to acquiring some Steam credit. Moreover, you could even sell on websites, including OPSkins where you can expect to get a little extra for the best PUBG skins as well as cosmetics.

  • YouTuber and PUBG Streamer

It is another way by which you can earn money playing PUBG mobile. Currently, PUBG is one of the most watched games around the world on Twitch and YouTube, as per the statistics from Newzoo. That means you can take advantage of this opportunity and become a YouTuber or PUBG streamer.

If you are already playing PUBG Mobile game, you can create your own Youtube channel and start streaming your gameplay by simply downloading OBS software.

It is also possible to record your games as well as edit them into incredibly interesting tutorials, gameplay videos or some other PUBG content.

It’s also true that you won’t make money overnight by this option. However, there are many big Youtuber’s like CarryMinati is making a good amount of money doing the same.

If you put on some effort and time into this, it can pay off big time and will be a lot of fun as well. Thus you can expect to earn money playing PUBG mobile.

  • Playing PUBG at LAN Events for acquiring Cash Prizes

In case you are willing to take the competitiveness to the further level, you can compete in LANs. You can start searching in open LAN parties and might find out one with a huge cash prize.

Large organizations, including DreamHack, frequently include open tournaments for games, such as PUBG at events. I hope as of now you have got a good idea about how to earn money in PUBG mobile.

It is also possible to sign up for the official PUBG Europe League or the North American League. And the best thing is that the particular tournaments permit any team to sign up as well as advance via the ranks, come to a conclusion in large LAN finals targeting the best up and comers for winning a share of the million Euro prize pool. It is one of the incredible ways to get paid to play PUBG mobile.

  • Affiliate Marketing

It is another answer to the question how to make money of PUBG. Pro-gamers often make use of advanced or fashionable gadgets in times of playing the games for having more genuine experience.

Your followers might ask you about the device or accessories that you have been using for playing PUBG mobile. You can easily refer some top-quality items to them and thus earn a great passive income via affiliate marketing.

You can promote different things, including smartphones, headphones or earphones, gaming PC as well as other accessories, and so forth. You may earn approximately 1%-10% commission on each sale that might also reach higher up to 50%.


I assume that now you got the good amount of knowledge on how you can make money playing PUBG. Just select some of the ways you’re confident in and then make some strategies followed by their implementation and hope for the best. PUBG could be a great way for you for earning money.


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