How to Make Money with Calligraphy

Make Money with Calligraphy

By the 19th century, there were many schools of beautiful writing in the world.

With the advent of printing machines and pens, calligraphy almost turned into a useless pastime. But the fact is that you can actually make money with calligraphy.

What Is Calligraphy & How to Become a Calligrapher

Calligraphy, the art of writing beautifully, has existed since time immemorial, almost ever since writing itself exists.

Want to know how to become a calligrapher?

For this, many manuals have been developed, video tutorials and exercise complexes have been created. Some learn calligraphy by copying the fonts they like.

This is also an effective way to master the basics of this art in the shortest possible time. So when you are thinking of how to become a professional calligrapher then the followings are important for you.

Oddly enough, today it has not only not lost its importance but also turned into a very popular area of activity.

If you get to know how to learn calligraphy then this work not only develops fine motor skills and aesthetic feeling but also allows you to earn money from the neat handwriting jobs.

Therefore, if you can write in unusual and elegant handwriting, you can turn your skill into a source of constant profit.

Even if your handwriting leaves much to be desired, calligraphy skills can be quickly mastered patience and daily exercises will allow you to improve your handwriting in record time.

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Essential Tools for Hand Lettering Business

First of all, to start a hand lettering business, you will need some working tools. Alas, the tool is really high quality in our time is not so easy to find.

In addition, the cost of a quality calligraphic pen can be quite high. But tools for a beginner calligrapher can still be made easier and cheaper.

  • Making Usual into Unique

Some craftsmen of freelance calligraphy manage to make unpretentious stationery with own hands that are from ordinary tins. You can experiment yourself and cut your first feather out of a soda can.

In the circles of calligraphers, an improvised pen of this kind received the slang name “kolapen”. Writing such a tool is not much worse than the factory counterparts, and it looks funny and unusual.

When you are thinking of starting a calligraphy business at home then it is important.

  • Using the Pens

Pens for writing can be divided into two categories: “spiky”, usually used for writing texts with pressure, allow you to create inscriptions with a smoothly varying width of the line, wide-

  • The Paper and the Ink

It should also say a few words about paper and ink. The texture of the paper is no less important for creating graceful lettering than a quality tool.

For exercise and work is suitable for ordinary paper used in offices. The main thing is that the paper is not too grainy and too thin. The handwriting business ideas are endless, you need to focus on your supply.

  • The Other Options

In addition to the pen and brush, for calligraphy, you can use an ordinary ballpoint pen, spray paint, charcoal and many other materials. High-quality office paper is also not the only material suitable for calligraphy.

Some artists create real calligraphic masterpieces on fabrics, cars, glass and metal surfaces, and even on ordinary napkins. With all these, it will be easy for making money off handwriting.

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How to Make Money with Calligraphy

Below we have mentioned some of the ways you can use to make money with calligraphy.

  • Writing Texts for Invitation Cards

Writing wedding calligraphy invitations, anniversaries and other holidays with the help of creative calligraphically designed inscriptions will help to make them unique.

Filling all sorts of official and unofficial documents with elegant handwriting is another opportunity to make money. There are more calligraphy job opportunities, however.

  • Menu Writing

Calligrapher can also write a menu of a restaurant or cafe, packaging for a handmade item, business cards, and posters.

Some printing houses still employ people who, if necessary, draw up this or that product with calligraphic inscriptions.

  • Font Designing:

If you have basic programming and design skills, you can easily use your talent to create unique design fonts.

Subsequently, they can be used in the design of websites and landing pages. Handwritten logos for trademarks are valued today no less than exclusive fonts. There are ample jobs based on good handwriting.

  • Writing Memorials:

Making tombstones, memorial plates, artistic sculptural compositions do not work without calligraphy. You can also demonstrate your mastery of the calligrapher on television.

Elements of calligraphy are also used in the design of the interior and exterior of buildings using graffiti. Beautiful lettering can be the basis for a stylish tattoo or body art.

No matter where you start, it’s worthwhile to make up a portfolio of your work and post it online, including on social networks, send it to wedding consultants to offices and other interested organizations in your city.


Despite the fact that most of the traditional national schools of calligraphy have disappeared today and are found only in the form of museum exhibits, this art lives in new forms.

Having lost the characteristic features of national cultures, the skill of creating exquisite inscriptions became eclectic and turned into a unique way of self-expression. All you will need to know is how to make money with calligraphy.

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