How to Make Money with Domain Parking

make money with domain parking

Many of us who have a plan to build a website may already have purchased a domain name for the same. The reason for buying a domain name when they have only conceived of constructing a site is that domain names are served on first come first served basis.

So if anyone takes away the domain name which you wanted, you will end up with egg on your face. A layman would give a lot of flak to people who purchase domain names in bulk, but in reality, it is not as ludicrous as it seems.

You will often come across the connoisseurs of domain name industry speaking about domain name parking as a potent tool of making money. But what is domain parking, how to make money with domain parking and what does it connote in terms of a lucrative online business.

What is Domain Name Parking?

Usually, when people think of building a website, they first buy a domain name or even several domain names to be used for their website. The reason behind buying multiple domain names is to prevent others from using those names, while he is still dubious about choosing the name for his potential website.

The idea of registering a domain name presages warding off others from using that name and in the era of cybersquatting, it becomes imperative to register a domain name. But most of us who have a domain name and do not have the website for it, meaning thereby the domain name lies redundant.

Typing the domain name on a web browser will not take you to a host and in these cases, you will only see an error message of “server not found” on the domain name.

One of Google’s algorithms called “parked domain name detector” monitors such futile pages and prevents them from being displayed in their searches. Once the website has parked a domain name, Google may take some time to recognize it and does not consider it to be a parked domain.

Google has advised that instead of keeping the domain name vacant, you can make a page for it mentioning a little about the website’s launch and what it will be about.

Basically, domain parking refers to the registration of an internet domain name when it is not associated with any services such as e-mail or a website. When you park a domain name, you need not upload any content on the website. Your domain name page will simply display an under-construction page.

The domain name which is acquired through the process of domain parking is known as a parked domain.

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How Does Domain Name Parking Work?

Below is a small description of how you can make money with domain parking:

  • When an online user types your domain name in his browser, he will be taken to your web page which will have advertisements and links.
  • If those ads or links pique his interest, it will click them.
  • On clicking, he is taken to a website and if the owner of that website earns from his visit, he will pay the parked domain company a certain share of the money he has made.

How to Make Money with Domain Parking?

Now that we have discussed how to make money with domain parking, let’s move on to take a look at the type of domains you can actually use to make money with domain parking.

So, here are a few of them listed below:

  • Park Bulk Domain Names

If you wish to generate revenue from your parked domains, then you must know that you cannot promote your parked domains. This is because it contravenes T.O.S domain parking sites and you have to look for natural traffic. Also, a single domain name takes a lot of time to make money.

You must look for parking multiple domain names so that you have the combination of traffic from all the domain names. Increased traffic augments your chances of generating all-important clicks.

So, more domains you have parked, the more traffic you will get and you can earn huge money.

  • Brand New Domain Names

These domain names are the new ones that have been spelled correctly but have the potential to generate traffic. Generally, these should not be bought or should be carefully examined to excavate their value for the investment.

Sometimes it is worth taking the risk and if you want to know how much you can make money with domain parking; it is close to $ 10. 

  • Look for Search Engine Friendly Domain Name

As it is essential to have natural traffic and when you have parked a new domain name, you will have to bank on SEO. The drill is to look for domain names on popular topics or keywords. Check the availability of such names as they offer profitable prospects.

  • Expired Domain Names

The most obvious advantage of using expired domain names is in leveraging the traffic that they had. These domain names are not renewed because the owner often moves on to something else. There are a number of tools to fish for expired domain names.

These domain names are available for free and you can exploit their backlinks to traffic and make money. You can browse the expired domain names enlisted on and purchase them for free. 

  • Misspelled Domains

The logic behind obtaining these domain names is that people will search for the original domain name and mistakenly type the incorrect domain and will end up coming to your website. The easiest way to do this is to use the plural for someone else’s domain name.

For e.g., if there is a website called, you can use

However, there will be legalities involved in such situations if you end up imitating the brand names and their copyrights. You will have to check for infringement of such rights before you park a domain name.

  • Selling the Domain Name

You may even choose to sell your domain name. The prices of domain names rise with their maturity and you may have a laugh all the way to the bank with the traffic from the marketplace.

  • Avoid Blacklisted Names

Whenever you want to choose a domain name for parking, avoid choosing blacklisted ones as the chances of monetizing them are almost nil. You can make use of the Google Blacklist Tool to determine whether the domain name is good enough or worthy of selection.

Also, you cannot expect early profits on your parked domain names as it involves a good investment. If you cannot afford to lose what you have spent, it is better to keep from putting in huge sums of money.

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Top 5 Best Domains Parking Sites?


You can park your unused domain names with Namedrive and earn money for the traffic. There are a number of advantages accrued to domain name parking on name drive. Firstly they offer free domain name parking.

They offer a customized look and feel for your parked domain names. Lastly, you can also decide to serve text ads or link ads directly. Payments are made through PayPal, wire transfer, and also WebMoney.

  • GoDaddy Cash Parking

GoDaddy Domain Parking is not a free domain parking site. You can add multiple domain names here and sell them at Godaddy and earn up to 80% share of the market.

You will have to pay for the GoDaddy domain parking services on monthly basis. Payment is done through PayPal, ACH (Payoneer) and Cheque.

  • Sedo Parking

This is one of the best domain parking sites and offers free services. You just have to sign up, add your domain name and adjust the DNS settings depending on the given instructions. You will have to wait for the propagation of DNS and your domain name will start doling out money.

You can also link your parked domain name for sale and lure traffic as well as you can sell it on SEDO. They are different payment options such as PayPal, Paper check, Wire transfer, and direct transfer.

  • Voodoo

This is a leading company that is touted to offer the highest payouts. They offer productive SEO services through their Auto Optimization which automatically recognizes the best keywords as well as the layout for your parked domain name.

If you don’t want their automatic function, you can manually choose the customization for your domain name.

  • DomainSponsor

This site is assembled by and is known to support foreign traffic and the Zero-click Model. It is one of the best brands to earn money with the domain.

The site boasts helping people monetize over 2 million domains and who knows you might be next.

Final Thoughts

Make money with domain parking! Domain name parking may sound lucrative but it is not for everyone. It entails a certain amount of investment which may range anywhere between $1,000 – $5,000 or more every year. There are varied technicalities that go into determining your revenue generation by domain names such as sans SEO traffic generation.

Though there is no straightjacket formula to ensure huge earnings, if you make adept selections, experts and trends have portended huge profits to balance your investments.

So, instead of keeping your domain ideal, you can park it and transform it into a good source of income. So, this was all about how to make money with domain parking.

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