Domain Flipping: How to Sell Domain Names on GoDaddy

How to Sell Domain Names on GoDaddy


Domain name is the basic online identity of your business, and so, individuals pay an insane amount of money to get the right domain name for their business. Domain flipping can be highly profitable if done in the right way. If you plan to make money online by flipping domain names, here are few of the best ways to do it.

First, buy some good domain names, and the best bet is to buy those that have gained some reputation already. Now get them registered under your name and then you can start to make offers to sell them. You can plan to sell them by either listing the names and setting the price for them or by planning auctions. Domain flipping has become one of the best ways of earning money online, and a lot of people have started practicing it. But like any other business, even this involves a few risks. So keep all the legalities and risks in check and enjoy domain flipping to earn huge sums of money.

Godaddy is a platform where the users buy and sell their domain names. Though there are many other such platforms without a doubt, Godaddy is the most popular platform to do the trading of the domain names. It is a reliable platform that is trusted by many people. Before telling you how to make money by selling domain names in Godaddy, it is important for you to know the meaning of domain flipping. Domain flipping is a process where you buy domain names at a lower price and then sell them at a higher price.

You must have heard that one can buy domain names from Godaddy but did you know that it also hosts an auction which popularly known as Godaddy auction? It is an online market platform where both the buyers and the sellers exchange their domain name. The buyers have to do the bidding, and the one who has the highest bidding gets to keep the domain name. Godaddy charges a small fee from the seller for selling the domain name. Now, you have a clear idea about how to sell domain names on Godaddy and earn money from it. It’s time for you to know the complete process of selling domain names on GoDaddy.



How to buy domain from Godaddy

Purchasing or registering domain names from Godaddy is a very simple process that can be done easily. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Create an account for free in Godaddy.
  • Enter the domain name that you want to register in the “Domain Name Search” field and select the appropriate extension from the list.
  • You can also choose to buy more than one domain names in one go. Or you can purchase these domain names at an auction for less price.
  • Also, make use of any coupon codes that you have while purchasing the domain names. In Godaddy, the 99 cents domain coupons are very popular.
  • Once you have selected all the domain names and applied the coupon codes if any, proceed to complete the checkout process.

The domain names are now yours, and you own them from that very instant.


How To Sell Domain Names on Godaddy

To sell domain names on Godaddy, you can list only the active domain names from the Domain Manager. Follow the steps below to list domain names on GoDaddy Auctions

  • Log in to your GoDaddy account and click on “Manage.”
  • Now, from the Buy & Sellmenu, click on the “GoDaddy Auctions Listings.”
  • Select all the domain names that you want to sell, and click on “List for Sale.”
  • Next fill out all the important details such as:
  • PayPal Email— This is the email address that is associated with the PayPal account that you want to use for selling the domain name.
  • Category— The category you want to use
  • Sub-category— The sub-category you want to use
  • Auction type— The type of auction that you want to create
  • Starting bid— The starting bid you want to wish to set for the auction of the domain.

Once all of the details are filled in, Read the terms of services and check on the “I agree” box

Decide the price of the domain name appropriately, neither too high nor too low. You can also choose to make an offer to the buyers.

Godaddy always makes sure to verify both the buyers and the sellers, and once the domain name is purchased, Godaddy automatically transfers the money to your account.

That’s all in this post on how to sell domain names on GoDaddy. If you have any question or query, do write them in the comment section below.


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