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Freelancing and SEO are two booming things in the online World. Freelancing is something which attracts more and more people nowadays. SEO is how you optimize your website so that you can rank it well in search engine. When these both terms come together, the SEOClerks is made.

Yes, freelancing has changed the life of many people. If you are ready to work hard from home and if you want to earn well in the online world by using your skills then freelancing is for you.

SEOClerks is a marketplace for freelancers who are providing their services in SEO. The main aim of this marketplace is to provide the services related SEO. Some other services which are related to websites and SEO are also there. If you are a customer who is searching the SEO services or freelancer who is giving the SEO services, then this is the best place to begin with.

Jordan Delozier started SEOClerks. He was having an idea of starting a marketplace which provides some services to customers. The marketplace should be such that it holds the payment and once the client is happy with work, the marketplace will release the payment to the seller. This was the whole idea of Jordan Delozier. So he has started this marketplace.

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Services offered by SEOClerks:

  • Article Writing

  • Backlink Creation

  • Translation

  • Graphics Designing

  • Solution of WordPress Errors

  • Web designing

  • Programming


SEOClerks is the best alternative to the marketplaces like Fiverr, Freelancer, Payperhour, etc.

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How SEOClerks Works?


There are two ways by which SEOClerks works:

Buyers Side: The customers can order any service which they are looking for. If the service which customer is looking for is not present in SEOClerks, then the buyer can give a request to SEOClerks and then he can add his service. The seller can bid on that service. Now if customers select the bid, then the seller must be able to give the work into decided time duration.

Seller Side: Seller is having one or the other skills which he wants to sell. The most important thing for the seller is to show-case his skills in a proper manner. He needs to create a description of which service he is going to offer and how much charges he will apply.


There are various categories in which seller can provide his services. Some of the categories are as follows:

  • Software

  • Article

  • Theme

  • Blog review

  • eBook

Once you are done with what skills and services you can give, the next and vital step for you is to create a proper gig with appropriate title, description and price. The title and description should be such that it will attract more and more buyers.

Once the buyer orders your service, you must give the required service in the fixed time duration. The customer will provide the feedback about your services, and the feedback will directly help you to get more buyers on SEOClerks.


Levels of SEOClerks

There are 6 different levels by SEOClerk for their members:

Level 1: This is the very basic level. When a new user joins SEOClerks, he will be at this level. One needs to do certain tasks to enter into the next levels in SEOClerks.

Level 2: To become level 2 member, the user must have 90% or above satisfaction rating, and he should have completed 10 affiliates, purchases or orders on time.

Level 3: To become level 3 member, the user must have 90% or above satisfaction rating, and he should have completed 25 affiliates, purchases or orders on time.

Level 4: To become level 4 member, the user must have 95% or above satisfaction rating, and he should have completed 50 affiliates sales, 100 purchases or orders on time.

Level 5: To become level 5 member, the user must have 97% or above satisfaction rating, and he should have completed 100 affiliates sales, 250 purchases or orders on time.

Level X: Level X is the top most level of SEOClerks. Members in this level are Elite Members. There is some requirements which you needs to fulfill first to get qualified for Level X Membership.


Requirements for SEOClerks Level X Membership

    • Must be Level 3 or greater
    • Should be an affiliate
    • Should have social pages representing you here
    • Must get noticed by Staff


Benefits of Level X Membership

  • All benefits of level 1-3
  • Cannot be demoted automatically
  • Highest priority tickets and staff guidelines/restrictions that prevent your account from being restricted in any way.
  • Withdraw 999 times per 31 days
  • Ability to obtain X4 and X5 (Level 4 and 5 benefits)


Seoclerks Payment Methods

There are many people who do not trust SEOClerks when it comes to payment. But let me tell you SEOClerks is trusted marketplace, and you will never face any problem for payment. There are 2 ways to get your payment. One is through payza, and the other is through PayPal. You don’t need to worry if you are not having both the account, you can use your email to get payment.

Seoclerks Payment Proof

[sociallocker]SeoClerks Payment Proof 2016[/sociallocker]


Seoclerks Payment Proof 2

[sociallocker]Seoclerks Payment Proof[/sociallocker]

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Affiliate Program of SEOClerks

SEOClerks also offers an affiliate program. In their affiliate program, you just need to sign up and start promoting their services. Whenever someone who is referred by you, buys the service from SEOClerks, you will get 10% on each purchase. If the buyer who is referred by you buys your service, then you will get 100% on your service which is something amazing thing about their affiliate program.

One more thing which many people do not know about SEOClerk is that you can receive $5 coupon for confirming your home address and sign up for snail mails.

So this is all about SEOClerk and how I have made money there. It is very simple to make money with SEOClerks. Just sign up for their affiliate program and start promotion. You can also sell your services in their marketplace and get paid for the same.


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