Shopsy by Flipkart: Earn Money by Placing Orders for Others

Shopsy Earn Money from Flipkart

The digital age is taking over the world rapidly. From ordering food, paying bills, to shopping for personal as well as household items, all are carried out via the internet. People need a smart device (phone, tablet, PC, or laptop) and a good internet connection to carry out almost any task under the sun.

One of the industries that witnessed a boom in this digital age is E-commerce. Many people have started inclining towards e-commerce sites to buy and sell products globally.

But nowadays, e-commerce sites are not limited only to buyers and sellers. They are also encouraging and helping people who are neither buyers nor sellers to earn money from the comfort of their homes.

In this article, we will explore how to make money from Flipkart with the help of an app called Shopsy.

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What is Shopsy?

Flipkart has recently launched a new platform where people can earn money from Flipkart by booking a product for their customers or near and dear ones.

There are many sellers on Flipkart, but many are not able to reach their potential customers easily. This is where resellers come into play. They have better reach and have a good customer base. They can book any product from the seller and send it to their customers.

Through this platform, Flipkart aims to reach 200-500 million budget-friendly customers and hopes to connect the sellers, resellers, and the customers seamlessly.

A reseller can book any product from the seller for his (or her) customers and sell it to the buyers.

If you download the Shopsy app from the link given below, You will get instant 150rs. in your account which you can transfer into your bank account


How Shopsy Is Different from the Flipkart Affiliate Program?

Flipkart’s affiliate program is entirely different as compared with its Shopsy app.

Flipkart’s Affiliate program helps people by giving them unique links to each product. You can use these links and drop in on the internet anywhere like on your website, blog section, etc. If a person uses this unique link and purchases the product, then some commission is given out to you.

Whereas in Shopsy, you have to act as a reseller. You have to build your customer base, look out for sellers who sell relevant products according to your customer’s interests, and book them for your customers.

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How to Make Money from Flipkart Using Shopsy?

People nowadays aim to earn more money and the internet is the best place to make a good side income or create a full-time job for yourself. If you are looking to earn thousands in a single day, then you must check out Shopsy by Flipkart.

Through this platform, you can resell the products of sellers and get profit through it. In the initial stage, you can start by sending different products to your family and friends and then gradually expand the circle. Slowly, keep expanding your local network, keep adding more customers, and analyze their needs.

Once you have mastered what products your network needs, you can post the link of necessary products on your website, social media handles, send messages with links, WhatsApp status, etc. From there, customers from your network will place orders which you can book with the seller and make profits.

Always remember, you are acting as a reseller and hence never cease to expand your group and always interact with your customers to get to know their interests and requirements.


In a Nutshell

Earning decent money is everybody’s dream. Whether you want to have a good side income or want to earn daily, you must check out Shopsy as it will help you earn money from Flipkart. You do not need any investment or income to start this business.

Initially, you can start by sharing the products with close circles like your friends and family. Gradually, you can exploit social media and enhance your network.

Once you have formed a network with potential customers, try to show them products according to their interests. If they like some products, you can place the order with the respective seller and earn a profit for yourselves.

If you haven’t tried out the Shopsy app, download and get Rs.150 instant as a welcome bonus. So, what are you waiting for?

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