The Excellent Question: When Will I Start Making Money From My Blog?

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Making Money via blogging is often considered as an easy piece of cake. In fact, numerous bloggers start their blog only to start making money. It’s not wrong to have the motives of earning from a blog but what wrong is to expect money without any efforts (or rather I would say fewer efforts).

Now, some of you might raise their concerns and ask me: “Some are blogging from a long time with a lot of efforts but still they are not making money, Why?”

Yes! I’ll be coming to each of these points through this article (& through the comments).

Most of the times when I do write a long post, I divide it in a mini index to give the proper idea of what I’m going to write. So, here is the structure of this article.

Making Money From Your Blog

  • What’s your aim?
  • The reputation of Your Blog Among Google, Social Networks & Readers.
  • What are the ways to earn money from my blog?
  • How much do you invest in the growth of your blog?
  • Excellent Question – When Will I Start Making Money From My Blog?


Aim of Your Blog

What was your aim when you started blogging? Is it that you started out of your passion for writing informative and helpful articles or is it because you saw some random bloggers making some earning from a blog?

If it is purely out of your passion, I will say, forget about the earning. Yes, forget about the earning and start building your blog better. Your passion will help you to start making money. And if you’ve started your blog purely for the purpose of earning some cash, then you’re not wrong at all. In fact, a lot of bloggers have the same sort of aim when they begin blogging. But what you’ve to remember is, you still have to build a good blog to start make money online.

So, my point here is, whatever could be the reason, you’re perfectly right from your side. The thing is you got to be serious and patient in both situations.

From Tabish: Salman is completely right and I agree with his point of view. Whatever your aim may be, first you’ve to put your efforts to build a better blog. If you have a blog which is very popular and ranks well in its niche then you’re surely going to earn a lot of money. You don’t need to worry about making money at the initial stage because once you’ve to build up a great blog money will simply flow to your bank account from many ways.

Reputation of Your Blog

If you’ve started your blog recently then you’ll find it difficult to rank for most of the small keywords. There are already thousands of sites with the better reputation and they won’t really allow you to overtake them so easily. In order to start earning from a blog, you got to have a good reputation in front of Google (& lots of other search engines) & social networks. You must concentrate on building a reputation before thinking of earning some bucks from your blog.

Now, if you have a well-deserved reputation for your blog and finding difficulties in making money out of it then here are some questions that you should ask yourself.

  1. Do you’ve strong link building for your blog?
  2. Are you writing a paid post reviews genuinely?
  3. Which methods you checked out for earning? Why did they fail for you?
  4. Do you have good social followers and readership?

Ask these questions to yourselves and try to get the answers. I will come to the answers of these questions in the later part of this article.

Ways of Making Money From Blog

There are several ways through which you can be making money from your blog. It goes like this: If you’re able to figure out what exactly is your niche and what exactly you need to target, you’ll be able to pin down some methods of building your reputation and thereby earning some hard cash.

Here are some examples of the kind of earnings that you can expect from different blog niches:


Niche – Blogging Tips, Make Money

Of all niches present, blogging tips and certain relative niches such as making money from marketing and SEO tips are most accepted Event niches Blogging by advertisers. If you could just roll your eyes for the moment on, you’ll find high number blogs with merely 50000 pageviews receiving advertisement offers. The other forms of advertisements for this type of niches are WordPress theme and plugin reviews, some social media or SEO tools reviews etc. is one of the great sites which connect advertisers with publishers for paid reviews. Apart from these methods, you can be making money by placing a backlink, making affiliate sales and using your social profiles for promotion related activities.

Niche – Technology

It is one of the most popular niches and I’ve seen newbie bloggers opting for this. It has the equal opportunity of getting advertisers such as the one I explained above. For technology related blogs, you’ll most probably receive offers to review software. Don’t turn them down directly! Take some time to do research and decide wisely.


In addition to these general ways of making money, there are numerous other ways of making money. One of the great examples is earning $5 from Fiverr. There are high numbers of sellers who are offering quality service for $5 and yet making 3-4 figures in dollars every month. There are some handful of internet marketers who are using landing pages and promoting products to earn affiliates earnings. What I’m trying to say is there are numerous ways of making money; you just need to understand and implement the methods properly.

Investment in Growth of Your Blog

How much you’re willing to invest or already investing in the growth of your blog?

It’s always good to share the profit or put it all to give away some goodies. Make sure you ask them to do like, tweet, follow and +1 while conducting giveaways. In simple words, if you’re investing some amount in a growth of your blog in its initial period, you’ll be getting good returns in the later stage.

When Will My Blog Start Make Money?

Yes! That was our original question and you might think that I’ve gone out of the topic. Actually, I wasn’t. I was giving you an idea of what does it take to earn from a blog.


Now, coming back to those four questions I asked earlier.

1. Do you have a strong link building for your blog?

If yes then you’re obviously going to earn good bucks by allowing company backlinks. If you don’t have a good number of backlinks then you should start building backlinks. Ultimately, such do-follow links are the ones which will pass their juice and get you Moz DA & PA. Once you have a good Alexa Rank, you’ll start earning.

2. Are you writing paid reviews?

The question becomes important when you’ve strong readership and/or Moz Domain Authority and social profiles. It is important to conduct a genuine review because your readers trust you for the information you’re providing. Don’t hesitate to mention cons or disadvantages. Also, try out some networks such as social spark which provides opportunities for publishers by connecting a bridge between advertisers and publishers.

3. What are the methods you’re currently following to earn money from your blog?

If those methods are not making money, it’s time to put them to the rest for some time.  Start researching new methods of making money through your blog. For example, a blogger from blogging niche can definitely try out providing WordPress related services or logo services etc.

4. Do you have a good social follower and readership?

Try to build an excellent social followership around your blog. It is not good to rely completely on Google or any other search engine. Who knows when an update in their algorithm might just hit you hard! Try to build a community of readers around your blog. That’s the best way of keeping yourself on a safer side.

Maybe, I’ve been stretching it a lot! Well, every blogger has its own speed and writing quality. As per my knowledge, you can definitely start earning good bucks once you’ve good DA & PA, reasonable traffic, and strong social profiles. The timeframe varies by niche to niche. For one of my Android blog, it took merely 4-5 months to build good environment and start earning whereas my another blog which is focused on blogging tips, guides, SEO tips & making money is progressing slowly and steadily.

It takes a lot of efforts to build a profitable blog. In fact, it also takes a lot of time to start making money from a blog. Don’t give up within a few months. Treat your blog as your favorite thing in this world, work hard to build it better and most importantly, “Love it”! 🙂


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