10 Well Paid Work from Home Jobs for Single Moms

Work from Home Jobs for Single Moms

To be a single mom comes with loads of responsibilities. And the first one calls for ensuring at least one source of earning.

However, owing to the advent and advancements of technology, it is no longer mandatory to step outside and search for jobs.

Various opportunities are there for work from home for single moms. Thus, they can handle their professional tasks as well as take care of their children.

In this article, we are going to tell you about ten work from home options for single moms. It can set golden opportunities for single moms to make them financially independent.

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10 Flexible & Well Paid Work from Home Jobs for Single Moms

  • Employee Positions:

When it comes to finding options for work at home for single moms, this comes first. Employee positions are all about professionally committed to one employer instead of multiple.

You will be working in one specific post but from a remote location. It needs you to set a proper office space at your home since it will be more likely a 9-to-5 job.

That means as an independent contractor, you can expect employee benefits in some cases. However, in “work from home” structure, employers often do not take care of such benefits.

As a result, you would need to plan the health insurance of your own (if you want). The same thing goes well for retirement plans and many other aspects.

  • Customer Service Representative:

Nowadays, many companies offer employment as a virtual customer care representative. So, in this work from home jobs for single moms option, you will be handling customers through calls. You can expect to receive between $8 – $15/ hour (based on your experience).

Nonetheless, addressing customer queries need skills in customer handling. Moreover, you will also need a proper setup, such as a computer system with a high-speed internet connection and a landline phone.

Remember, working as a customer service representative also needs a silent workspace. By the way, it may not be an ideal option for moms with small kids.

  • Technical Support Provider:

Another ideal option for work from home jobs for single mothers is a technical support executive. If you have skills and prior experience in resolving customers’ technical queries, it is the job for you. However, different kinds of technical support roles call for distinct sets of skills. And obviously, pay structures vary according to that.

Once, search engine algorithms complete their share of work, you will start your job. Note that the search engine results are mainly for human users. And algorithms cannot work towards a personal point of view. Hence, it is a big responsibility to find out the relevant results for search engine users.

  • Data Entry Operator:

Are you looking for work from home jobs for single mothers with minimum skills? Then, being a data entry operator may serve your purpose the best. Here, you will be working for entering information for various organizations into a specific computer program.

However, you must hold a good typing speed. Along with that, a computer with a high-speed internet connection is a must. Nonetheless, some companies may also look for some specific skill sets to serve their purpose.

  • Virtual Assistant:

The best work from home jobs for single moms comes with another option- virtual assistant. It is all about assisting a business to complete different types of online tasks. It can comprise of writing, booking travel, scheduling various social media activities, handling emails, and so on.

This field emphasizes experienced virtual assistants a lot. So, once you get enough experience, start expecting a good pay structure.

Do not you want to look for building up your own client base? Then, you can search for companies hiring professionals in this role. The pay structure falls between $10-$18/ hour (more or less).

  • Transcriptionist:

Being a work at home for single moms, you can find transcription an ideal option for you. As a professional transcriptionist, you would need to listen to various audio recordings. It can range from lectures, interviews, and so on. And then, you would need to type those words accurately into a word document.

However, different transcription jobs come with various pay structures, based on the difficulty. For instance, handling medical transcription jobs need proper training and expertise than general ones. As a medical transcriptionist, you would need to handle voice files containing medical reports.

  • Translator:

work from home ideas for single moms come with another ideal option like a translator. The job deals with translating documents. That means the more languages you will know, the greater the advantages for you!

However, if you want to increase your profit, you should start learning different influential languages. Sticking to a language or two can limit your work opportunities actually.

  • Online Tutor:

There is at least one profession, which would not become obsolete anytime soon. And it is definitely tuition. Not only kids but also graduate-level students need help and support from tutors. If you are a subject expert, you can start online tutoring as a great source of income. Even you can also start an offline coaching center at your space.

However, if you want to stick to the online mode, making some arrangements is a must. For instance, you need a computer with high-speed internet, a good-quality microphone, etc. Moreover, you must arrange a quiet space, where you can teach students over the Internet.

  • Freelance Blogger:

You can start freelance blogging and ensure a good earning possibility. Even you can earn between $20 to $300/ post. However, it depends on the client for whom you are writing and the depth of the post as well.

Moreover, you can also start your career as a freelance writer. It is one of the best work from home jobs for single moms. However, you need to hold a good grasp of the language and also take care of the readers’ perspective. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an added advantage that will increase your opportunities.

  • Web Designer:

Do you have skills in web designing? Then, you can start looking for web designing work opportunities online. Even if you are currently not a web designer, you can learn it by pursuing a course. Moreover, different online materials are also there to help you.

Note that this field calls for a creative eye and a willingness to upgrade skills and knowledge. Create a website or two as samples to raise the odds of your hiring.

  • Small Business:

Do you want to be an online entrepreneur? Then, you can start your online venture in a specific niche. However, it needs proper planning in many areas like business website, marketing, customer service, and so on. If possible, you should look for professionals to divide the tasks so that you can focus on the core business strategy only.

Wrapping Up

I hope the options for work from home jobs for single moms were insightful for you! Now, it is time to learn some skills to make you employment-worthy. However, if you already hold some skills, start searching for the best job for you.

Note that work from home does not mean the absence of professionalism. It is critical to have a proper space for working with a quiet ambiance.

Moreover, you would need a strong portfolio in most cases. Remember, more and more professionals are coming to the online mode of working, and it leads to fierce competition. Hence, upgrading skills and knowledge from time to time is vital.

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