9 YouTube Channel Ideas without Showing Your Face

YouTube Channel Ideas without Showing Your Face

Many people have a dream of becoming a good YouTuber and want to learn how to do so.

However, not all of them are confident enough to face the camera and hesitant to appear on YouTube videos. With the fear of being seen on YouTube videos, many creators abandon the thought of starting a YouTube channel.

Some makers don’t want to be seen on YouTube because they are afraid of being judged and shamed by their peers and those who know them, and others may have other issues with being seen on YouTube.

If you are one of them, this article is for you.

In this article, we will tell you some of the best YouTube channel ideas you can start without showing your face.

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How to Make YouTube Videos without Showing Face

Follow these steps to make YouTube videos without showing face

  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Choose your niche
  • Get Royalty-free music or video
  • Record your voice
  • Edit the videos
  • Post it on the channel
  • Promote it on social media

YouTube Channel Ideas without Showing Your Face

Follow are the best YouTube channel ideas to start without showing your face

  • Gaming

PewDiePie has one of the most popular YouTube channels, with over 100 million subscribers. Felix Kjellberg, a Swedish gamer, runs the channel, which features a mix of humor, gossip, and gaming material.

Kjellberg, on the other hand, began his YouTube channel in 2010 with brief, easy clips of him playing games like Minecraft.

If you are a gaming lover and if you can do things with your thumbs that others can’t, you too might start a channel to show off your abilities. If you are not very competitive at gaming, just reverse the situation to reveal gaming failures instead.

Get the clips more interesting by including an amusing commentary or demonstrating how to beat a difficult boss. Always keep in mind that it’s just about bringing meaning to the spectator.

  • Top List

People like ranking stuff, whether it’s the fastest striker, the funniest creatures, or the wealthiest actors. Many YouTube channels mention all kinds of strange and wonderful things from ten to one, five to one, or any number to one!

There are many scenarios, ranging from the strangest occurrences ever captured on tape to the largest waves ever to strike ships.

It does not have to be strange (though that does attract curiosity). You could make a list of the top ten luxury watches or the top five green nail polish colors. Top 5 Best is a YouTube channel with over 5 million viewers that only records commentary over stitched-together photographs and b-roll video.

If you’re writing a listicle, use captions to improve your chances of ranking in YouTube’s search results.

  • Cooking

People are always on the lookout for delectable new recipes and cooking instructions.

Since the emphasis is on the meal, you can film from above with just your hands visible. It doesn’t have to be gourmet food; you might make a channel dedicated to simple muscle-building meals or quick breakfasts to prepare before work.

Cooking video is one of the best ideas to make money on youtube without showing your face.

  • Life Hacks

Can you believe you could make a decent living by filming your hands doing easy life hacks?

That’s just what the director of the YouTube channel 5 Minute Crafts did. They have over 67 million viewers and demonstrate how to make clever use of daily things. Though they didn’t reveal any faces in their early videos, they’ve lately used models to illustrate the hacks.

  • Restoration

If you have any skills in the workshop? Restoration videos are another popular YouTube category.

These videos document the process of restoring old, worn-out, and broken objects. They’ve been common and some people find them relaxing, much like a mindfulness exercise. You’ll need tools and a workshop to repair the pieces, as well as some recording equipment.

Black Beard Projects is one of the most popular YouTube channels in this niche. He has over 1.6 million subscribers and restores the knives and antique equipment to their former glory.

  • Nail Art

Beauty has always been famous on YouTube, and many YouTubers make a living providing makeup tutorials.

If you’re not able to reveal your face yet, how about launching a Nail Art channel?

Simply Nailogical is a nail art how-to channel that began with low-budget episodes. About 7.6 million people have subscribed to a YouTube channel that features a combination of images, static footage, and clear captions.

When you teach someone how to do things, you can raise money in other ways too. You can make some extra money by using referral links with items you’ve recommended to your subscribers.

  • Meditation

Meditation videos are a very common niche on YouTube. Many people experience a moment of calm by mindfulness and meditation in today’s hectic world.

Meditation tutorials are available in a variety of formats. Some of them have a voice leading them during the meditation, while a few of them simply have soothing songs. Some use only the sound of a bell to signal the start and end of a timed meditation session and make money on youtube without showing face.

As a result, you could make these videos using stock photographs and songs, and you could also outsource the writing and audio recording of guided meditation on Fiverr.

The first videos from Meditative Mind demonstrate that they began with only stock images and sounds. They didn’t even loop the videos into the longer lengths that have been commonplace in recent years.

  • Timelapse

Turn on a camera, aim it at any fruit, and leave it to rot.

When pitching the idea to a friend, whoever came up with it must have had a few blank looks. But this is exactly what Temponaut Timelapse did 11 years ago when they first launched their channel. There are time-lapses of clouds, grass, and cityscapes among the decaying fruit.

The definition, however, has proven to be successful, with the channel now boasting 1.2 million subscribers. You can also use a smartphone or a GoPro to record the footage.

  • Animation

When confronted with something we don’t understand, we often seek out an “explainer” video to easily clarify the situation. You could start an animated education channel on YouTube if you can illustrate abstract theories in a fun way.

You may think that you need a big setup or a lot of money to make an animated film. However, for about $30 a month, you can create professional animations with a platform like Animaker. You can also outsource the whole job for a really low cost on Fiverr.


From voiceovers on stock photos to vlog without showing your face, there are several ways to start a YouTube channel without revealing your face. So grab your smartphone and start making videos.

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