10 Evergreen YouTube Shorts Channel Ideas to Grow Your Channel Fast

YouTube Shorts Channel Ideas

Do you have extraordinary musical, cooking, speaking, dancing, or any such talents? Or do you love to share your fun moments and thoughts with others?

With the advancements in technology, numerous online platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, etc are budding up which gives people an opportunity to display their talent, boost their confidence, earn handsomely, and at the end enjoy their work.

One such effective platform to become famous and share your ideas and talents is YouTube.

We all know the power and magic of YouTube and we religiously spend at least a few minutes a day watching videos on YouTube.

YouTube has come up with a feature called “YouTube Shorts” which will benefit the creators even further!

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What is “YouTube Shorts”?

Time is the main constraint in today’s fast-paced world. And since there are many online platforms, it becomes difficult for the viewers to stay on one single platform for a larger time.

Hence YouTube has introduced a great feature called YouTube shorts on which people can record small videos of around 60 seconds each.

One can create YouTube shorts on their mobile phones easily and post them instantly. Viewers get an option to surf through thousands of short videos and gain both knowledge and entertainment.

Another lucrative feature of these shorts is that the YouTube platform is planning to monetize these “YouTube Shorts” as well!

So in a few days, people can post short 60-second videos, and gain both popularity and money from them.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the different YouTube shorts niche ideas and start carving your path towards fame and turn your passion into a profession!

10 YouTube Shorts Channel Ideas to Grow Fast on YouTube.

Here are few YouTube shorts channel ideas that you can check out to make short videos:

  • Dance

You might be a pro dancer or just someone who likes to groove to the music! Record your killer dance moves in a few seconds and make a YouTube shorts video out of it! There is no limit, give a traditional dance performance, teach a workout dance, or simply follow the viral dance trends and music and post a short!

  • Micro Reviews

The first thing people do before buying a particular product or service, is, check the reviews. One can give a fitting review of any product or service within 60 seconds. It would be a no-nonsense video consisting of a few points about the product or service and its pros and cons.

  • This or That

We are often confused when presented with a lot of choices. These kinds of shorts will help in giving a crisp comparison of anything under the sun. You can create a YouTube shorts video comparing the two latest mobile phones, two hotels, two places, two career choices, etc.

  • Myths and Facts

The world comprises both myths and facts. You can create shorts around busting some legendary myths or can shoot out a few facts to your audiences. These kinds of shorts are extremely informative and will be welcomed by a large audience.

You can convey myths and facts about anything like the creation of the earth, the latest technology, different cultures and traditions, and many more.

  • Current Affairs

Another YouTube shorts niche idea is to post on current affairs. You may take any current news happening in India or anywhere in the world and present news snippets in the form of 60 seconds video.

Ensure to deliver accurate and crisp data within the stipulated time.

  • Fashionable Lookbook

Everyone wants to groom themselves and wants to stay with the trend when it comes to fashion. You can use YouTube shorts to become a fashion influencer! Dress up and pose, give fashion-related advice, or simply create a trendy look to inspire others!

  • Investment Ideas

Most people require quality suggestions when it comes to investment. Using YouTube shorts, you can explain hot stocks, the best mutual funds, the latest government schemes, gold bonds, and the international market.

  • Health and Fitness

Another YouTube shorts video ideas include health and fitness. Health and fitness play a vital role in today’s age and many people run behind having a healthy lifestyle.

So tap this opportunity and post informative videos about health and nutrition.

You can also post short workout videos!

  • Music

Do you have a beautiful voice or know how to play an instrument? Then you can definitely choose music as your niche because who doesn’t enjoy good music? Post-classical, western, jazz, or any kind of music and earn followers!

  • Cooking

Cooking is often seen as hectic work. Well, bust that myth with YouTube shorts videos. Show how to make delectable dishes in a few simple steps and Ta-da! You have gained popularity!

Wrapping Up

In this fast-moving world, people want everything to be gift-wrapped easily and conveniently! YouTube shorts is one such platform that gives both creators and viewers a platform to give and take in an effective way. Viewers get to see and gain ideas, knowledge, and entertainment.

Content creators get a platform where they can showcase their talents and share their knowledge and skills with the people out there!

If you are a content creator, there are many niches in which you could create YouTube shorts videos. Choose the niche that fits you the best and be ready to get famous!

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